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King Pie established in 1993 has been part of consumers lives for over 25 years with a strong South African heritage, known for quality, taste, wholesomeness and value for money offerings. King Pie is without a doubt a successful pie franchise with over 289 outlets in South Africa and African countries like Mozambique, Namibia and Swaziland. Our aim is to be NUMBER 1 and WORLD CLASS in everything. Today, the Khuseti Group, which comprises out of King Pie Holdings (Pty) Ltd and BMO Food Services (Pty) Ltd, is owned by The Bidvest Group Limited, a company listed on the JSE.

King Pie outlets sell freshly-baked pies, chips and a variety of complementary products such as samosas, ice cream and muffins. A fanatical focus on freshness, quality and value for money form the basis of King Pies formula for success.

Do you fit our franchisee profile: Are you a passionate, loyal, hands-on energetic operator? Are you supportive and believe the values of our brand? Will you strive for customer service excellence? Are you a Team player?

New franchisees undergo intensive training before opening the new franchise. This includes a 2-day theoretical course at King Pies support office and a 3-day practical course in a regional training centre. We are a professional, passionate and supportive franchisor. We have expert support staff teams to assist across all disciplines including; Operations, Legal, Marketing, Training, Finance, R & D and Procurement.

Financial Cost

New Shop: R450 000 – R550 000 (excl.vat) (site dependent).
• Express Unit: R289 000 (excl.vat).
• Kiosk plus Storage: R450 000 – R550 000 (excl.vat) (site and equipment dependent). Add-ons
• Trailer: R180 000 (excl.vat). • Tuc-Tuc: R100 500 (excl. vat).

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