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Jetline was born in the early 1980’s and has since grown into a well established, innovative visual communications, multimedia and print brand. Jetline strives for continued innovation, outstanding promise delivery, and dependable quality, offering only the best communication, multimedia and print solutions. With outlets spread out over the country, Jetline aims to serve all businesses and individuals within the vibrant rainbow nation from which it was born. Jetline has been striving for customer satisfaction for the last 30 years, and will continue to do so with creativity, professionalism, and zeal.

Jetline franchises are engaged in the quick print and digital, as well as graphics and communications services.

Young; above average money management skills, single minded, organised and people’s person.

A minimum of three (3 months) full time and thereafter various on-going training.

Financial Cost

Upfront fee R60,000.00;
Total Investment R875,902.00 includes working capital of R140,000.00;
Management Service Fee 5%; Support Spend 2% .

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