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During our first year operating in SA, we`ve opened over 70 outlets, launched above the line marketing campaigns, as well as our online ordering site and are looking at expanding.

A successful business is driven by a hands-on individual who understands the importance of superior service delivery, is passionate about people and who is willing to commit to a long-term plan that will yield results.

Franchisees and managers complete an intensive five-week induction course covering the business and operations of a Domino`s outlet. The course addresses such aspects as stock management, basic business skills, finance, store administration, human resources, point-of-sale training and marketing. In supporting its franchisees, Domino`s Pizza draws on the extensive experience of its knowledgeable local and international management teams. Each store has a dedicated franchise consultant who performs regular store visits to assess the business performance and provides assistance and support in areas that require attention. Regional Operations Managers and trainers provide ongoing product and on-site training. Franchisees also have access to an experienced marketing team who will facilitate and assist with local marketing support. Domino`s value-added supply system ensures quality, consistency and leverages their purchasing power.

Financial Cost

Approx. set up fee of R1.9 mil including joining fee. 50% owner contribution. Monthly management fee of 7% and marketing fee of 5%.

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