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The Retsol Group (“Retsol”) is a privately-held retail company founded in 2002.

Retsol has established itself in the retail/franchising industry and continually evaluates investment and growth opportunities, whilst remaining focused on the operational performance of each individual business unit.

With more than 500 Corner Bakery outlets spread throughout South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, and Mauritius.

Corner Bakery is well-positioned as the largest bakery franchise in Southern Africa. More recently the business has invested in production facilities with the strategic intent of becoming vertically integrated wherever possible.

Corner Bakery branded product lines and exclusively produced ingredients add to the brands’ consistency in product representation and quality.

With central bakery production facilities, franchisees benefit from centrally produced goods as well as a robust food management system that provides recipes for on-site production and tools for franchisees to manage their bakery on a daily basis.

A wide selection of baked goods including the market-leading Corner Bakery pies, bread and confectionery are at the centre of the customer value proposition.

Additional product categories stretch to sandwiches, ready-made meals, fast food, and deli products. A market-leading distribution and logistics network provides an uninterrupted supply of these products.

With always-on marketing activities and a strategic focus to invest in digital technologies, online advertising and building online social media communities – Retsol’s brand portfolio benefits from healthy brand awareness and affinity. Visit Corner Bakery’s website for full details, Retsol is also the brand owner and franchisor of the Equatorial Coffee brand.

Financial Cost

Upfront/Joining fees dependant on geographic location and store format. Estimated establishment costs R400 000 to R600 000 (Excl. Vat). Ideal store size of 40-50 square meters. 50% gearing recommended. Royalty fees: single fee of 8% on turnover.

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