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Since our inception in 1990, Cappuccinos has been a business with a passion for success and this fact is evident in that today there are sixteen successful Cappuccinos stores operating across South Africa and one in Botswana.

Drawing on the concept “you are always welcome”, the Cappuccinos experience provides the opportunity for people from all walks of life to experience quality hearty food, served professionally with a smile.

Our design principles incorporate the use of food, textures and tranquil colour pallets which create a modern uncluttered yet warm and inviting atmosphere.

The diverse menu is a testament of time-honoured family recipes and current foodie trends made with the finest quality ingredients that through trial-and-error ensure that the Cappuccinos offering remains fresh and exciting.

A full service sit-down restaurant, set in a contemporary Italian design, offering delicious meals throughout the day.

Hands-on operator, willing to be pro-active in the business and a team player.

Full initial training (franchisee-staff; management) updates and menu development.

Financial Cost

The estimated amount of funds you will require is 2.7 – 4.2 million

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