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Cam Era was originally started in May 1993 as a CCTV system integration company.

We initially planned on launching a full system integrator type business model offering CCTV, access, booms, gates, alarms, fencing, fibre optics, wi-fi and the like. However, the complexity of the business model proved challenging for novice business owners to manage and made it difficult for them to achieve a return on investment within a reasonable time frame. With these lessons duly noted we developed a simpler, faster more lucrative model. Partnering with Videofied and Macado allowed us to create the finely focused, robust franchise model known as Cam Era.  We operate within the South African security sector is valued at between R15-billion and R22-billion per annum.

We took a lifetime of business, coaching, sales, technology, security experience and concentrated that into a dynamic, world class micro-franchise which can be readily trained, learned and duplicated by the right type of person who simply adds their own passion drive and ambition into the mix to create success for themselves and their family.

The 5 CRIME PREVENTION categories which a Cam Era franchisee will sell, and service are:

  1. VIDEOFIED™ – the wireless, ESKOM FREE verification alarm system;
  2. FIGHT BACK™ – integrated systems which can inflict extreme discomfort against criminals  at the scene of the crime, remotely;
  3. Off-Site video verification;
  4. Perimeter protection – system
  5. Service level agreements and remote maintenance.

Over the past 35 years, our founder (Bill Sandham) has specialised in creating and building companies within the security technology sector. Sales driven entities which rent, sells, installs and maintains security-based solutions (Electronic Security) for Commercial, Retail and Industrial (CRI) businesses. All of us suffer the daily threat from crime and other nefarious activities.

This vital experience has enabled the formulation of the early blueprint framework that instigated the discovery that a need exists for the benchmarking and development of a business franchise model. A business format franchise specifically tailored to address the issue of delivering early warning of a potential criminal breach in an immediate, intelligent, visual and practical manner.



What is Cam Era’s franchise about?

The Cam Era franchise opportunity is a business format franchise within the electronic security sector.

Individuals must have a strong sales drive and be able to work interdependently with the mother ship’s support staff.

We expect sales of around R210k – R280k per month, and a GP of 70% on every deal you do which gives you a good living.

This model requires no staff, your OWN CAR and suits someone who can operate from a home base. We provide training, branding, equipment, laptop, software and everything else excluding ENTHUSIASM (that’s your job).

Franchise Territory licenses cost only R320k + VAT.

To apply, you must have at least 50% unencumbered funds to qualify for funding.

Your ROI (return on investment) should be within the 1st 2 years of operation.

If you think you have what it takes, read on…

We have 8 territories with immediate availability in Gauteng

Cam Era is a security verification franchise which operates both within the b2b (business-to-business) b2h (business to home) category within the electronic security sector.

The Cam Era business model comprises the careful management of its three working components namely

  • SALES, OPERATIONS and ADMINISTRATION, each with its own set of rules and SOP’s.
  • SALES – Franchisee – driven by a full-time, hands-on, committed and enthusiastic individual with a passion for selling firstly themselves, then their solution, who gets supported every day by Cam-Era.
  • OPS – MACADO COMMAND TECHNICAL provides full technical back-up, installation quality and ongoing service delivery. A full-time commitment requiring technical qualifications and extensive experience regarding Videofied system installations and system design.
  • ADMIN – MACADO COMMAND ADMINISTRATION – having recognised that entrepreneurs often have a reluctance to do paperwork, Cam Era has engaged Macado to deliver their world-leading management systems to enable franchisees to outsource this facet of the business completely.


Training – Cam Era believes that franchisees should receive the highest quality initial and ongoing training, mentoring, coaching and support for its franchises to succeed.

Training to allow them to capitalise on the ever higher need and increasing market demand, as CRIME rises, creating more leads and ultimately sales.

Product Quality – always up to date with the latest developments, brand specialisation and a wide range of solutions put Cam Era in the forefront of the sector.

Service – commitment to the highest standards of service, backed-up by exceedingly competent Macado Command support centre and personnel.

Leading by example – an energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic franchisee, completely in sync with the ethos of Cam Era, living with positive expectancy and gratitude.

Expense Structure – Cam Era, being a home-based franchise, runs on a very lean budget.

Cam Era is supported by a powerful technologies company with a group holding structure for national support and stability.

Price Range of Franchise
R100,000 - R500,000
Establishment Cost
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Excl VAT
Excl VAT
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