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Burger Perfect originates all the way back to 2006 and stems from the success of Pizza Perfect which was started in 1989 by Michael Solomou.
Michael never contemplated franchising his business initially but due to customer demand, coupled with all the positive feedback from his customers and his desire to expand his brand to even more customers, he decided to franchise the business concept.
And so the Perfect franchise was born. With the rapid growth of the business, it became necessary to open a central kitchen where most of the products used in the outlets are produced to the strictest health and quality standards and then distributed to Franchisees.

Flame grilled beef burgers prepared on our signature buns available optionally on a brown bun for the health conscious. QSR, stores are geared for informal sit down, take away and delivery. Products are distributed from our warehouse or licensed suppliers. Burger Perfect is a turnkey operation.

Dedicated hands-on operators, passionate about our food and share our enthusiasm for our concept.

Theory and practical for franchisee and staff +/- 6 weeks. On-going support provided by franchisor.

Financial Cost

R1 450 000.(excl vat)
R10 000 Application fee
R65 000 UFF, 6% Royalty fee, 2% marketing fee

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