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ACDC Express is an electrical retail franchise, specialising in everything electrical. Established in 2007, our core focus is to provide customers with quality electrical solutions.

We offer a full turn-key solution and a unique concept store that provides customers with a convenient and versatile shopping experience, allowing customers to browse at leisure in what is effectively an electrical `supermarket`.

In addition, ACDC Express actively participates in adding value to the customers by not only meeting customer expectations through superior customer service but continuously offering excellent after sale service. Our independently owned stores are primarily supplied by ACDC Dynamics, which boasts a product range of over 55 000 individual items.

These products are crucial in daily operations within the home, office, and factory. This automatically creates a great and continuous demand for these products. The growth and success of the ACDC Express Franchise Group is attributed to 2 basic principles, which form the cornerstone of the business: Customer Relationship Management and maximising business efficiency.

At ACDC Express we strive for service excellence, we look to ensure our services are of the highest quality and that they are always centred around our ACDC Express customers.

With regular training sessions to equip our staff with superior product and software knowledge, unrivalled customer support and service etiquette we seek to effectively meet the needs of our ACDC Express customers in the most convenient and supportive way possible.

At head office, the brand managers and training facilitators work intensely on all aspects of the brand to ensure that our sales staff are equipped with up to date information and an ability to provide excellent after sales service.

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