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We are living in an era where Customer Experience (CX) plays a significant role in the success of a brand/business. It is now a topic of discussion in many boardrooms and CX has become a strategic measure on most business plans. FASA service providers The Franchise Firm is holding an interactive session of Customer Experience Journey mapping on Tuesday 15th October 2019 highlighting the moments of truth and the moments that matter. Find out more about the dynamic CX Mapping process that will allow your teams to view your CX journey from the Customer’s Point of View.

With the rapid development of technology, our digital and physical worlds are merging:

  • The social influence and increased channels of constant communication is making Customers more demanding and Customers want their problems/needs solved faster. There is a shorter time lag between Discovery and Purchase, between Desire and making the Choice.
  • As soon as Customers get the idea, they want instant gratification. It’s about Now or Never!
  • Brands such as Amazon, Deliveroo, Netflix, Uber are raising the bar. Consumers are now spoilt with instant services. At a push of a button, they get a taxi, movie or meal! Even our local Take-a-lot is keeping up with the pace to offer speed and convenience with its recent opening of the innovative Collection Hub on the bridge at New Road in Midrand.
  • However, despite the Consumers wanting more, faster and better, the reality is that all Customers really want, is the same things we ALL want – to simply be TAKEN CARE OF.
  • A global study with 1620 consumers reported that when receiving great service; 63% said that their heart rate increased and 53% said it was the same cerebral reaction as feeling loved”.
  •  Brands are now exploring ways of making Customer Experiences even more desirable, more irresistible and more relevant. Brands are innovating to deliver unique customer experiences that ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Join us for a stimulating morning of sharing CX global best practice ideas and trends. Find out about the Customer Experience Future and leave with a better understanding of CX for your business growth.

The purpose of Customer Experience strategies and initiatives is to enable companies, brands, services, and products to differentiate in this highly competitive world and lead the way. For more information and to book or call 011 803 0665 or visit the Franchise Firms website


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