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It is not every day that a fledgling business, barely three years old, wins a prestigious award, let alone twice in a row. It is quite another thing when they attribute their success to their unique company culture and people-centered business values.

At the beginning of March, DoughGetters, a work from anywhere accounting tech business, was awarded the SA Xero Partner of the Year Award for 2021, one year after they won the SA Xero Emerging Firm of the Year for 2020. Xero cited DoughGetters passion for education and their drive for moving the industry forward as motivating factors leading to them receiving the award.

Colin Timmis, General Country Manager at Xero South Africa, recognized the role their partners and accountants had played in a challenging year. “Accountants have proven more important than ever in helping businesses weather the impact of Covid and adapt to new challenges.”

While the DoughGetters team are proud of this achievement, they ultimately credit their success to their company culture. “Work should be a place where people want to be. A place where when they walk in the door of the office and experience deeply meaningful and engaging human interactions – whether that office is in the kitchen, garage or lounge shared with two dogs, a cat and a spouse. What’s critical is that it is a place that they want to be,” says Kenneth Coetzer, Digital Accounting Narrator and DoughGetter’s franchise owner.

This means that DoughGetters are intentional about the way they build, and in line with their mission statement of ‘living healthy & worthwhile lives’, they believe that they need to engage the heart, mind and body on a meaningful level to achieve this.

They engage the heart by dreaming, setting vision and having a leadership that supports the vision. One such example is how at the start of lockdown in March 2020, for six weeks, the DoughGetters leadership kickstarted each day with a 7am meeting. “We really got to know one another well over this time; there were times when we hardly spoke about work but just shared life with one another, sharing stories, making jokes, dreaming. Hearts were knitted and unified,” shares Melissa du Plooy, Marketing Co-ordinator.

And as often as possible, they invite the team to contribute their ideas to their brand and operations. “One can see when new people join, and they are not sure if this is a forum where they can just speak their mind, so they ask questions anonymously. But very quickly, they move from anonymously to outspoken, which is an extremely healthy sense of being.”

When it comes to the value of the mind, DoughGetters point to knowledge, experience and innovation being an important facet of how they build. They ensure that they engage people who are experts in their field, who do their jobs professionally and accountably, always serving their colleagues and their clients’ best interests.

While vision and expertise are important, no team can be effective without the right resources. DoughGetters believes that everyone should have the right tools, access to technology and internal work processes to be effective. This means prioritizing the best tools (aka ‘toys’) that get the job done faster and more efficiently, further lending to making DoughGetters an exciting place to work.

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