Chicken Xpress – The people’s champion opens in Springs


Walk through the popular Springs Mall food court on any given day and you will be attracted to the bright red and orange Chicken Xpress outlet and the queues of people waiting for their taste of a truly South African brand whose values are firmly based around the local community. There you will spot dynamic husband and wife team Perri and Lea making sure that every customer gets the 5-star Chicken Xpress treatment. These enthusiastic franchisees opened their first store in KwaThema in 2018, and their 2nd store in the bustling Springs Mall has proved a great success. “Since we opened we have had some amazing trade flowing through the doors and a great reception from the centre and the surrounding area.”

According to Devon Scoulelis, CEO of Chicken Xpress, “we believe that with strong franchisee partners like Perri & Lea, a great looking store, fantastic product and some great specials coming up, we are confident in the long term growth of this store and the brand for many years to come.”


Chicken Xpress is quickly becoming the peoples champion in each new area they enter into and have grown over the past 8 years to a total of 33 stores, including 6 stores in Botswana and they have recently opened their first store in Uganda.

“We focus not only on our immediate customers, but growth of our staff and the community around our stores through each new store opening. Chicken Xpress is a brand built for Africa. We want to see the true growth of entrepreneurship in South Africa, and strongly believe that franchising provides a structured form of entrepreneurship to our country’s emerging individuals.”

The Chicken Xpress brand is roughly a fifth of the start-up costs of competitors (R1,2m ex vat for a standard Cx Store), providing a lower capital investment and greater opportunity to become multi-store operators for passionate Chicken Xpress Franchisee Partners. For further information visit or contact their head office on 031 569 1900.

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