Why young people with degrees can’t find jobs… and how franchising can help

Young people with degrees

Consider these enigmas as outlined by President Cyril Ramaphosa at a recent Secondary Education Conference:

  • that economies in Africa are unable to absorb a significant proportion of young people because the education system is not aligned to the needs of the country:
  • that most unemployed young people across Africa are those who have completed secondary or tertiary education;
  • by comparison, unemployment is lower among those who have little to no education.

The Franchise Association of South Africa has a message for President Ramaphosa… the solution is a shift in the approach to education to align skills and market needs and the franchising business model offers solutions right now!

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Unsuspecting buyers risking their hard earned money in new franchise concepts raises red flag


The rapid growth of new franchise concepts right across the 14 different business sectors in the franchise industry, is of huge concern as unsuspecting franchisees seem eager to invest in these concepts without seemingly having done a thorough due diligence on the sustainability of the concept.

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