MULTISERV – A Pioneer in the Personal Services Sector

With a pedigree going back to 1969, Multiserv is one of South Africa’s earliest businesses in the personal services sector with their Shoe Repair, Key Cutting, shoe/leather care products, Self-hire carpet cleaning and apparel services, having originally launched under the store name of Cuthbert’s – a well-known chain of shoe stores at the time.

Owned by Amrel, Multiserv, between 1981 and until 1996, had over 300 outlets, with most OK Bazaars stores having Multiserv inside as a service counter – a result of OK Bazaars being part of SAB. When OK Bazaars was purchased from SAB by Shoprite/Checkers in 1985, resulting in Multiserv being given 6 months to remove all 145 stores, management orchestrated a buy-out and the business was developed into a successful franchise brand. At a time when the franchise focus was primarily on fast food and restaurant concepts, Multiserv was ideally suited to franchising as it was a well-established brand name and was the largest Shoe Repair and Key Cutting operation in South Africa.

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Calling all Franchisees


The success of franchising is largely due to the handful of franchisors, who, almost forty years ago, got together to formalise the business format of franchising along international ethical standards and laid the foundation for what is today the Franchise Association of South Africa. Today the franchise sector boasts around 865 business systems, 45 011 franchisees with an estimated turnover of R721 billion equivalent to 15,7% of the total South Africa GDP. Now that’s something to be proud of!

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Training funds and franchisee start up funds for members


Join FASA in their job creation and empowerment project – training funds and franchisee start up funds for members

In the face of increased unemployment to 28.2 percent, FASA’s recent franchise surveys, sponsored by Sanlam, shows that the franchise sector is playing its part with an increase in the total number of people employed in the industry from 343 319 to 369 573. This translates, on average, to each franchisee employing 18 staff members in the business including him/herself. There are, on average 12 full-time and 6 part-time employees – all of whom could benefit by learnership training that promotes learning through accredited theoretical training with practical exposure, whilst the learner adds value to the workplace, and learners are able to support themselves through a subsidised stipend.


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