Recruit franchisees with the FASA – Inani Initiative

Nico Botha, the founder of Inani NPC Incubator Accelerator answers questions about the FASA – INANI initiative, creating training and funding opportunities for the franchise sector.   Also participating in this interview is Ornica Mukhavhuli who runs the Inani Talent Incubator and BBBE Specialist Tony D’ Almeida


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Popi Act coming into effect – what do you need to know to avoid being fined

Romany Thresher chats with Mercia Flynn from Kisch IP Intellectual Property Services, about the new POPI Act. Kisch IP has been entrenched in the history of South Africa for 146 years, assisting clients from individuals to multi-national corporations in all sectors, by safeguarding their intellectual property rights, both locally as well as internationally, worldwide.


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Future trends that will impact the franchise industry

Romany Thresher, from Fasa, chats to the CEO Paul Stevens about future trends that will impact the franchise industry both locally and internationally.  Just Property differs from your average, run of the mill, Estate Agent and how they have evolved and re-branded themselves to offer a one stop, one shop property solution. Property management and administration is the backbone of their franchise model.

With their re-brand, they now specialise in residential, commercial and industrial property rentals, sales and investment, with 113 Franchises in 83 locations, countrywide.

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What areas to focus on when joining a successful franchise?

Have you ever been to the doctor for a full medical checkup? The Doctor will check you from head to toe. Your heart, your organs, blood pressure, cholesterol and so on. After many tests, ECG’s, x-rays, he will either say you are 100% healthy or this or that needs some fine tuning or fixing. This is what Business Doctors do. They will examine your business with a fine tooth comb and either pronounce your business 100% healthy or suggest some ‘fine tuning.’ Often, when we run a business we are not aware of things things that we can improve on or do better. This is where Business Doctors give invaluable advice.

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Cam Era the only approved security technology company in South Africa


Cam Era is the only Fasa approved security technology Company in South Africa. I’m sure we all agree that security is a vital service in our country today. No company can operate without a trusted security system.

Bill Sandham, the CEO, had the vision of this franchise and spent 10 years developing this particular franchise model. Starting with a blank screen he met with his largest supplier and sat with their consultant who told him he would have to productize the business but at that stage it was still and idea on a piece of paper and like most Franchisors, ideas are birthed but that’s where the work begins to bring those ideas to reality. It takes time and lots of birthing pains as you meet with consultants, legal experts and others you can use as a sounding board. There is no instant, overnight plug and play business. People need to plug themselves into your business. You start with a blank canvas and you need to have all the established, tried and trusted tools ready to put it into someone’s hands and say, “this is a model that works.” A system you can duplicate over and over.

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Supporting your franchisees during tough economic times


Has stress become the new norm for many as we try and pick up the pieces of our lives whilst still being in lockdown due to Covid-19.  A time that will go down in history for having a dramatic impact on people’s lives from not being able to fly, to being split apart from family, to losing your livelihood, one wonders what else could possibly go wrong.

A great discussion with the CEO and Founder, Dirk Cilliers of Monkeynastix on how as the franchisor he has had to support his franchisees during lockdown.

Education in the 21st Century, preparing your child for the future

Marisa van der Merwe of Mini Chess talks about the future of education, the challenges facing teachers and the current education system that is not working.

Education, as we know it, is changing forever.  MiniChess dived in with both feet to meet the challenge head on when lockdown kicked in.

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Medical aid and health insurance a love hate relationship

Do you know what to consider when shopping for medical aid schemes for your staff?  Do  you know the difference between medical aid and health insurance?  So many things to consider that I hadn’t thought about, maybe you haven’t either, in this 30 minute interview Romany Thresher asks Bianca Viljoen about Medical aid.

Many of us find it’s  like a mine field out there choosing the right medical scheme.  What are you covered for and what not?  How do we decide which policy is right for us?

One important question one must ask these days is, “am I covered for pandemics like this?”  Health Squared have been proactive in ensuring their members full cover during this pandemic crises.  They have not only seen to the medical side of Covid 19, but are also offering help with mental issues that many members are facing at this time.

Health Squared

Challenges H20 franchise business experience during lockdown


Many businesses faced some enormous challenges during lockdown.  H20 Water purification is no different.  They experienced a change in customer behaviour when consumers visited their retail outlets in shopping malls and they had to adapt their business model and took their business online.  How did franchisor Tony Marchesini and his franchisees work together to stay in business and keep their doors open.  How did they manage to retain customers and attract new customers to their business?

What challenges did H20 franchisees experience and how did you communicate with your franchisees to keep them motivated?  Listen to this 30 minute interview which is both inspiring and informative.  Apologies for the poor quality streaming in this recording.

Has it been strange for you visiting malls during lockdown?  What’s it been like for you?

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