What challenges did H20 experience during lockdown and how did H20 recover?


What challenges did H20 franchisees experience and how did you communicate with your franchisees to keep them motivated?

I believe you are still selling franchise opportunities, can you tell us what that’s all about?

Do you offer training and support when someone buys a franchise business with H20?

What type of person is best suited to join H20?

What does FASA membership mean to your organisation?

H2O International SA (Pty) Ltd

Minuteman Press Impact of lockdown and the Bounce Back Initiative

FASA interviews Minuteman Press, Duncan Diesel and Jeremy Danheisser on their Bounce Back initiative and about Minuteman Press franchise.

Questions we asked Minutman Press:

  • Who started the Bounce Back initiative and what is the Purpose of Bounce Back Movement?
  • What is the benefit to all Business owners to register on Bounce Back South Africa?
  • How much does it cost to register with Bounce Back South Africa?
  • As a franchisee of Minuteman Press, what has been involvement of your franchisor during this time?
  • How has it helped franchisees and their communities
  • For businesses that have not re-opened yet how should they be preparing to re-open?
  • What should all businesses be doing now as we start to open?
  • Why print still relevant in these digital times?


If you are a business owner register on the Bounceback South Africa website and raise your visibility


Monkeynastix strategy going forward with Covid-19 in mind

Monkeynastix is a registered trademark in more than 20 countries and has been going for 25 years this year with a member total of more than a million children since inception with more than 125 franchisees worldwide.

FASA interviews Dirk is the CEO & founder of Monkeynastix.



Questions we asked Monkeynastix:

  • With so many changes.. what’s the biggest difference between kids today and when we were kids?
  • What are the most important skills kids can learn today in order to succeed in an unknown future?
  • Advise to parents?
  • What is the picture ahead for extra murals at schools?



Reopening of the Economy and what this means for McDonald’s South Africa?


Greg Solomon CEO of McDonald’s shares insights about strategy and planning for the future with FASA.
What’s been the impact to the industry since the national lockdown and what opportunities were there for entrepreneurs within this space other than deliveries?
For a brand that promises convenience, what has this meant to McDonald’s considering that you have had to operate deliveries only?
With the next level potentially coming into effect, what does this mean for McDonald’s drive-thru business?
As the CEO of McDonalds SA what are the important business lessons you have learned during the pandemic and lockdown?
How have you reassured customers of the quality of the food that McDonald’s serve? Mc Donalds SA are giving back to the community ? Any jobs lost at McDonalds SA thus far? What is the digital future of McDonalds SA look like?

Choosing a medical aid scheme for your employees

What to consider when deciding on the right medical aid scheme for your staff and your business. Factors to consider, location, the type of work your staff do and overall general health.


The role franchisors play in Covid-19 lockdown & how to assist franchisees

The Association invited Trevor Locker who is the Chief Operating Officer at Cash Converters to come and chat with the Association on what they’ve done to keep their business operational during Covid-19 lockdown and how they as a franchisor have been assisting their franchisees to adapt to regulations that effects them.

Change your strategy before you take “free” funding


Go Back To Basics

Over the last three weeks since the lockdown was announced we have seen panic run through the business sector, particularly the small businesses which is that portion of the market in which most franchisees fall. The first reaction of most of the operators has been to look to where they can get additional loans to tide them over the next few months. They are then hoping that things will get back to normal. All that they will have to figure out then is how they will repay these loans.

My opinion is that any business that follows such a strategy has just signed their death knell. You will ask me why am I so bold to make such a statement and my answer is this – the solution to this challenge is not resolved by throwing money at the problem or by cutting costs to fit an old business structure. Rather this predicament which businesses face calls for a revision of your business strategy. It is not the time for smart marketing campaigns or clever television ads. It calls for each business owner to go back to basics and look at their business again.

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