What motivates you! Pushing the right motivational buttons

Staying positive when there is political chaos, the petrol price is about to go up and you worry for the future of your job, business and family is a challenge for us all. Whether you’re working on a big goal or just trying to get revved up for the day, getting and staying motivated can be a challenge. According to the experts, whilst getting inspiration from motivational books and quotes can help get you started, they say you first have to understand what motivates you and tap into what buttons you need to push to get you going.

Check out these four motivation styles and what you can do to kick your drive into gear:

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Who’s taking over those empty spaces in shopping malls?

shopping malls

Picture yourself doing yoga in a store space in your local shopping mall or even attending lectures at a private college that has just taken over the space once occupied by a shuttered department store?

That’s what’s happening in the USA, according to an article in the IFA Franchise Brief newsletter.  Residents in Middletown, N.Y., might have lost one of the 80 Sears department stores that closed in recent years, but in its place is Gold’s Gym, capitalising on the vast amount of space where they can operate a full-amenity fitness club offering perks like group fitness classes, smoothie bars and saunas – making it a destination for existing and future clients.

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