Car maintenance during lockdown


After months of staying under lockdown with just the occasional trip to the supermarket or never used, many people have found that their cars need some tlc. “Unfortunately, getting behind the wheel, turning the key and driving off with a vehicle that’s been parked for a long period is not always that simple,” says Shannon Drake, National Franchise Manager at Midas. Vehicle engines are made to run, and when a vehicle is stationary for long periods, this can cause harm to your vehicle.

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Keeping your vehicle in top condition saves lives

vehicle safety

Ahead of the long weekend, make sure your vehicle is well maintained, safe and road worthy. A poorly maintained vehicle is more than just a frustration, it’s a danger on the road. A quick professional vehicle safety check prior to your trip could help save lives on the road this holiday season.

“While human error is the biggest cause of car accidents on the road, badly maintained vehicles also make a large contribution to the national road toll every year” says Hugo Grobler, National Franchise Manager at Auto Care & Diagnostics (ACD). “Taking the time to properly prepare your vehicle for long distance travel will not only make your trip more pleasurable, (let’s be honest there’s nothing worse than an aircon that doesn’t work in the midday heat), but a car in optimum condition saves lives.”

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Petrol price increase, pointers to lessen the pinch at the pumps


With rising costs and a recent petrol price increase, motorists will feel the pinch at the pumps now more than ever. On April 3rd, motorists will pay R1,34 more per litre for 93 unleaded petrol and R1.31 for 95. Diesel vehicles will also experience an increase, paying between 82 and 83 cents per litre. FASA member Auto Care & Diagnostics gives a few helpful hints to make those precious litres go a little further.

Unless you’re able to walk, car-pool or use public transport, it will be difficult to avoid the impact that the fuel hike will directly have on one’s disposable income. This leaves consumers on the lookout for more cost-effective transport options. The more obvious solutions include downsizing fuel-guzzling vehicles for more energy efficient models.

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What motivates you! Pushing the right motivational buttons

Staying positive when there is political chaos, the petrol price is about to go up and you worry for the future of your job, business and family is a challenge for us all. Whether you’re working on a big goal or just trying to get revved up for the day, getting and staying motivated can be a challenge. According to the experts, whilst getting inspiration from motivational books and quotes can help get you started, they say you first have to understand what motivates you and tap into what buttons you need to push to get you going.

Check out these four motivation styles and what you can do to kick your drive into gear:

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Who’s taking over those empty spaces in shopping malls?

shopping malls

Picture yourself doing yoga in a store space in your local shopping mall or even attending lectures at a private college that has just taken over the space once occupied by a shuttered department store?

That’s what’s happening in the USA, according to an article in the IFA Franchise Brief newsletter.  Residents in Middletown, N.Y., might have lost one of the 80 Sears department stores that closed in recent years, but in its place is Gold’s Gym, capitalising on the vast amount of space where they can operate a full-amenity fitness club offering perks like group fitness classes, smoothie bars and saunas – making it a destination for existing and future clients.

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10 vehicle safety tips for your festive season trip


With the festive season around the corner, it’s a time to take that much-needed break and reflect on the year’s up’s and down’s and spend time creating memories with those nearest and dearest! FASA member AAAS has given us some tips to make sure your vehicle is safe and ready for that holiday trip – whether you’re heading for the bush, a scenic retreat in the mountains, or a blissful beach holiday at the coast.

“Millions of South African motorists will take to the highways to get to their favourite holiday destinations this festive season. A holiday is intended to be a time for relaxation and enjoyment, but the difference between pleasure and a dreadful holiday often depends on whether you take the time to prepare your vehicle for the trip. Many common vehicle problems can be picked up by inspecting your vehicle, listening for strange noises, noticing unusual odours or even sensing a difference in the way a vehicle drives;” says Hugo Grobler, National Franchise Manager at Auto Care Diagnostics, (ACD).

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