Breaking into the world of imports and exports with BeztForex

import and export

With around fourteen business sectors to choose from, the range of franchise business opportunities goes beyond just fast food and retail concepts. An important consideration when choosing a franchise is to align your choice to what interests you or what you may have experience in. So, if you come from the corporate world and are looking for something different… read on!

The ongoing globalization has resulted in a fast growing and rapidly changing the marketplace and one of the most exciting franchisors to join FASA has been BeztForex, currently the largest FX intermediary company in Sasfin Bank. They provide Foreign Exchange solutions for importers/exporters and investors, including overseas payments, buying and selling of foreign exchange and foreign exchange risk management. Despite a global meltdown currently being experienced, international trade is growing consistently as a direct result of the evolution of technology, expanding emerging market economies and trade agreements.

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