Franchising supports Rounda Initiative

rounda initiative

The Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA), as the only officially recognised representative body for the franchise industry, has taken the lead as one of the founding members of the Nikela Trust and its Rounda initiative towards poverty eradication.

Together with Nando’s, Steers and McDonald’s we were able to test the distribution and audit processes and to measure public perceptions.
The outcome was most encouraging with R 5.3 million raised with a low keyed approach.

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Franchising sector supports charity


As the cold sets in this winter, spare a thought for those less fortunate who are cold, hungry and often without shelter. Franchise companies and brands are known to be very generous in helping those less fortunate with the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) one of the first Associations whose members signed up with Rounda, an initiative of the Nikela Trust which seeks to collect, under patent, all the small change which carries insignificant value, along with other voluntary contributions and apply that to the upliftment of the SA society. Started in April 2018 to date it has raised over R1 million collectively with franchise companies McDonald’s, Nandos, Steers, Mimmos, Mochachos, Spur and many more coming on board to play their part to eradicate poverty in South Africa.

FASA salutes those franchise companies who have spearheaded their own charity initiatives to make a difference, among them:

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Relief to victims of cyclone IDAI

This is an urgent appeal for business to enjoin the humanitarian efforts in the region following the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai. Cyclone Idai has caused heart wrenching devastation to our neighbours in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

BUSA on behalf of the entire business community in our country extends its sympathy to all those affected. Our ties with the people of the region are inseparable, we share their pain and suffering.

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National project against poverty launched with R1 Million generated in first 5 months


A ground-breaking initiative by the Nikela Charity Funding & Development Fund with the aim of raising R1 Billion every year for social upliftment, of which FASA was one of the first signatories, was launched in celebration of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 87th birthday in early October.

Rounda, which is a Public-Private Initiative, driven by Civil Society, with the full backing of Government and support from major South African business industries, encourages the public to make every cent count and is a way for all of us to play our part to eradicate poverty in South Africa.

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