A franchise that stayed afloat providing safe drinking water to its customers


During lockdown level 5 and 4, H2O | BWT was listed as an essential service which permitted franchisees to stay open supplying much-needed drinking water.  But like most businesses, sales figures took strain due to lockdown regulations resulting in decreased foot traffic. On a positive note, the brand worked hard to increase awareness around the importance of good water quality, stimulating demand in the Home and Office sector. Focus was placed on the online store as well as a more innovative approach to their loyal water customers, from advice all the way through to home deliveries. The company ensured that they could be of service to their consumers while they remained safely at home.

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Spotlighting a pocket of excellence in Franchising – The DIY & Home Services Sector


The news that listed group Italtile expects its full-year earnings to surge by 70 percent, boosted by a high demand for its products and an 18.5 percent increase in total retail store sales makes anyone reading this during the pandemic do a double take… is that at all possible?

The manufacturer, franchisor (franchise brands Italtile Retail, CTM, TopT & U-Light) and retailer of tiles, bathroom ware and other related home-finishing products attributed the robust performance to an improvement in in-stock levels as it built up inventory depleted due to unexpectedly high demand driven by the home improvement surge.

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What goes into opening a franchise store


Aanhouer wen! If you persist you will succeed

3@1 Franchising is a wholly owned and operated South African company who is specifically promoting the brand for expansion into Africa. “We are already trading with 3, 3@1 Business Centres in Windhoek, 3 in Lusaka and a store in Kampala and now Mauritius,” confirms Chris Dunn, Managing Director of 3@1. “Obviously, our goal is to expand further in these countries as well as across South Africa where we have over 85 Business Centres trading.”

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Cash Crusaders ‘Gave me a business’

cash crusaders

Did you know, Cash Crusaders are able to empower individuals who want to make money where they don’t come ready with the financial means, to become a successful business owner within their network? Read below how an unprecedented corporate example of paying it forward, Cash Crusaders Joint Venture (JV) programme proves that ‘equity’ can also come from hard work.

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A tribute to Andy Raouna

andy-raounaThe franchise community extends its heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Andy Raouna who spent a great part of his working life in the franchise sector, leaving his mark on several significant brands.

Marlene Mouton, Entrepreneur, Founder and Chairwoman of A+Students Holdings gave this tribute to a dear friend and colleague.

“Andy joined A+Students Holdings in 2017 as CEO and was my trusted friend. Respected and revered by his team and clients locally and abroad. A master at negotiation, he built successful relationships locally and abroad. Under his wing we received 3 international awards.”

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Preserving rather than buying new -The Ceramic Pro way

We are all troubled and anxious about the future and we now have a “new normal“, wearing masks in all public places, curfews, restricted social gatherings, high unemployment rate…and the list goes on. We are creatures of habit and we do not take kindly to change. It is during these tough times that we need to reflect on what is important in our lives and what we need to do and how we need to adapt to survive this pandemic. With the everyday changes to regulations, it becomes difficult to remain positive and upbeat about the future.

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