Springboks and Foxes: Two of a kind

Springboks and Foxes: Two of a kind

Clem Sunter, Scenario Planner and Futurist, wrote this inspirational article following the Springboks’ successful test match against Wales in July. As we tackle the All Blacks this month, his article about how the example set by the Springbok rugby team is pivotal in ensuring a positive economic future for South Africa is one that everyone should read. We should all take inspiration from it on how to put our differences aside and work together towards a common goal.

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Legends barbershop products available through Dischem


Legends Barbershop is without doubt South Africa’s ‘wunderkind’ of franchising. With 62 stores in and around South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia, owner Sheldon Tatchell has managed to turn his hair and grooming franchise into one of the leading players in that sector.

When you look at the Legends Barbershop brand it prides itself in building sustainable relationships with its clients by providing exceptional service. It also thrives to make a difference in the surrounding communities it serves by impacting people’s lives positively.

According to Sheldon, “we always put our customers first, listen to our customers and provide a Legendary service to our customers. Furthermore, we ensure that he or she leaves with the intention to return to our stores.”

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International franchise brands give global support


Belonging to an international franchise brand has always been seen as the cherry on the top of the sundae of franchise success. A well-established international brand with master franchisees in different countries will share their success formula and offer best practices to further the success of their brand wherever they operate. This was put to the test during the pandemic as franchises all over the world suffered the fall-out from Covid-19 lockdowns and economic hardships. Minuteman Press was one brand that received strong support from their US franchise head office.

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Spotlight on business to business services


Business-to-business is a fast growing sector that provides services such as business coaches and brokers, accounting services, courier services, printing & signage, business &, recruitment services, financial services and travel services. Established in the main from the 1980’s to the 2000’s in response to a growing need to outsource specialized business services, this sector continues to see growth in recessionary times as businesses downsize and outsource and the nature of business changes as a result of the pandemic and the future in 4IR.

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Coffee goes green as Bootlegger turns food waste into compost

Bootlegger Coffee Company goes green, as customers can now buy gardening essentials along with their cappuccino, as the company has partnered with a food waste management specialist to turn its waste into compost. 

South Africa’s municipal landfills are rapidly running out of airspace, and the solution is recycling, said Pieter Bloem, Bootlegger Coffee Company co-founder and director. “We want to play our part to help the country avoid reaching day zero for landfill airspace.” 

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Franchises plough on…regardless

Franchises Plough On

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”

Vladimir Lenin, Russian revolutionary & politician

Those prophetic words by none other than Russian revolutionary and politician Vladimir Lenin, perfectly describes what the world is going through. The intensity of change has been akin to a tornado that everyone, globally, has had to go through – in varying degrees.  As we grapple with ongoing power shedding, the key to recovery, as shown by the FASA members we canvassed below, is to capture the spirit of perspective and position change by focusing on the horizon and the vision for the future. The consensus from members we spoke to is that the silver lining is to commit to action, have a target and the motivation to pull through the storms and set one’s sights for future growth.

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Service Excellence at the heart of franchising

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The long-term success of any business depends on service excellence but in franchising it is even more important to ensure that there is the same level of service at every single location. The reputation of the brand is dependent on delivering premium service at all times, maintain consistency, and measure and improve to ensure the very best customer experience.

In today’s world of technology and social media, news travels fast and a bad experience at one store can spread like wildfire and infect and affect all franchisees across the board. This domino effect can quite easily destroy an otherwise stellar reputation that a franchisor worked long and hard to build. Being pro-active rather than doing last-minute damage control after the fact, striving for brand consistency from the get-go and continually improving service standards will ensure that your brand remains relevant and customers keep coming back for more.

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Rising from the ashes – the future of franchising


The origins of some of South Africa’s much loved franchised brands date back to the 1960’s. Six decades later, whilst franchising contributes substantially to the country’s GDP, it has been severely impacted by recent events and needs to redefine its future and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

“Surviving the crisis and rebooting becomes a precarious balancing act for all franchises that requires team work and a focused business approach” says Pertunia Sibanyoni, Chairperson of FASA. “If there is one business sector that knows how to balance the scales of supply and demand, be innovative enough to change course and use its collective power to weather the storm, it’s franchising.”

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How Cash Converters empowers people to be their own bosses


Opening your own business and being your own boss. That is the dream for a lot of people. You can ditch your boring job, where you feel there are no more challenges for you, and do your own thing. If you really want to elevate your career with a fresh start and a new work chapter – and leave a legacy for your kids ― then franchising might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Franchising is about a successful global business system

The business principle of franchising seems to have been around since man started trading – the very word ‘franchising’ is derived from an old French word meaning ‘privilege’ or ‘freedom’ and is linked to the granting of licenses to collect taxes for either protection, goods or for utilities.

In America the Singer Sewing Machine Company is credited with establishing a franchise-type network of sales people and surprisingly a woman is said to have created the first business format franchise with her Harper Hairdressing Parlour which soon spread throughout the United States. Along with the invention of the car in the early 1900’s came a new economic boom – that of gas stations, diners and supermarkets – and that marked the start of the franchising industry.

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