Kauai grows its footprint

Kauai grows its footprint

Franchise group Real Foods is leading the way in post-Covid recovery by diversifying its business, growing its footprint abroad and showing the world that entrepreneurship is alive and well!

The company – which lists Kauai, Nü Health Food Café, Highveld Honey and other food brands in its portfolio – is growing its footprint abroad and has launched two new brands and acquired a food manufacturing business. Dean Kowarski, CEO of Real Foods announced that, “Despite the international lockdown, Kauai is expanding further into Europe under a master territory franchise agreement with Wellness Brands Europe Ltd, and plans to open 20 Kauai fast-casual restaurants over the next three years in the UK. The first restaurant will open next month in Edinburgh with a second soon to follow.”

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Women’s economic empowerment


Collectively, women entrepreneurs operate differently to their male counterparts. Their lower employment numbers and growth aspirations have historically led to questions of how to “fix” them. But different doesn’t mean deficient — or under performing.

The economic revolution of European women’s economic empowerment stretches as far back as the 19th century when men went off to fight the war and women, whether they were equipped or not, wanted to or not, were forced to develop new and different skills, know-how and aptitude to take on tasks that didn’t fit their traditional roles and stereotypes.

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Inspectacar streamlines buying and selling


In its efforts to provide customers with peace of mind, InspectaCar has implemented a number of new systems and protocols to ensure buying and selling pre-owned vehicles is as safe and easy as possible.

The WesBank-certified franchise has upgraded its website to enable customers to enjoy a large part of their buying journeys from the safety and comfort of their homes. Customers can go online to the website, select the vehicle of their choice, in the area of their choice and are even able to choose from a variety of financing options and Value Added Products (VAPS). The website is integrated with all InspectaCar dealers.

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Level 3 lockdown, how franchise brands are coping


As South Africa tries to get back to some sense of normalcy amidst a pandemic that is not abating, franchises allowed to trade under Level 3 are trying their best to focus on maintaining and adapting their business formats to best serve their customers in this crisis.

According to Vera Valasis, Executive Director of FASA, “some sectors have weathered the COVID-19 storm much better than others but more importantly it seems business owners who managed to re-open their doors at the first opportunity, stand a better chance at long term survival, even while trading with only limited lines or products and a limited staff compliment.”

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Franchising’s recovery battle begins

From negotiating rental relief with landlords and royalty fees with franchisors to asking for relaxed loan repayments with banks, franchise operators continue their battle to survive the Covid-19 lockdown as trade starts under Level 3 for some franchise sectors but crippling restrictions remain for other sectors.

“The longer the lockdown measures are applied across the board, the deeper the loss will be,” says Vera Valasis, Executive Director of FASA. “With eighty percent of respondents to a survey conducted by the association believed that they would not be able to continue to maintain their business beyond July, unless they can be allowed to trade normally, the future of the franchise sector which contributes almost 14% to the country’s GDP is in the balance.”

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OBC launches Thusanang Trust Fund

OBC Thusanang fund Hampers

From the first day OBC opened its doors for business back in 1987, the aim was to offer customers quality food items and other household necessities at prices they could afford. They also strove to become an integral part of the communities they serve and frequently contributed to local charitable causes. Their contributions were modest at first but as they expanded their footprint, their charitable efforts became more impactful.

According to Tony Da Fonseca, MD of the OBC Group, “having evolved to become one of South Africa’s fastest-growing retailers in the sector, we feel that the time has come to place our charitable efforts onto a more formal and sustainable footing. The current COVID-19 epidemic has prompted us to establish the OBC Thusanang Fund (Thusanang means ‘helping each other’ in Sotho).”

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How the Corona Virus is affecting business


Like businesses all over the world affected by the corona virus, South Africa’s business sector is facing insurmountable hardships as they try and hold onto their businesses in the face of the lockdown, having to pay employees, pay rent, suppliers and services. According to a survey by SME South Africa of 120 small businesses:

  • over 55 000 SMEs will NOT survive the pandemic
  • at most 423 500+ people working for these SMEs could lose their jobs.
  • 20% of SMEs say they have NO alternative support mechanisms.

The tiny glimmer of good news that can be taken from this survey is that entrepreneurs are still talking – and the hunger to continue remains strong even if, in many cases, it means taking a few steps back.

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E-learning – Necessity inspired Innovation – A+Students leads


It is often said that innovation is brought about through necessity. With the current Covid-19 pandemic the world is currently facing this could not be truer and this is the time for industry leaders to stand up and be counted.

As the leading Abacus and Mental Arithmetic educator in South Africa A+Students has been able to take a totally hands on ‘brick and mortar’ franchised business to an online business in a matter of days. Their philosophy of teaching maths through creativity and innovation was put to the test at the beginning of the lockdown period and in no time were able to introduce holiday programs and well as online lessons.

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Anat turns to crowdfunding to survive amid lockdown


FASA member Anat, popular for their falafels and shawarmas, has turned to the crowdfunding website GoFundMe in an effort to remain afloat after they shut their doors when the country went into lockdown, according to a report in IOL.

Like many other franchise groups, Anat has applied for government funding but was still waiting for a response. Gilli Apter, the daughter of founders Anat and Menachem Apter, started crowd -funding after she got the idea from a friend in New York who informed her that many restaurants there were doing crowd-funding to support their staff and to keep businesses going.

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3@1 Business Centres Franchising – Live Interview

3@1 Business Centre shop

3@1 Business Centres offers customers print, copy, international & local courier, Kodak Express photographic, secretarial services, image transfer, business registrations.  They have franchise opportunities through out South Africa and into Africa – Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Malawi, Mozambique etc. International Master/Area Franchises worldwide.  the Association chats with Belinda Dun their franchise and marketing director.