Calling a business opportunity a ‘franchise’ is no guarantee for success

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“Being involved in franchising for most of my working life I have had the privilege and opportunity to experience the concept of franchising in South Africa in every form and fashion over the years” says Vera Valasis, Executive Director of the Franchise Association of South Africa. “So when the public hears the word ‘franchising’ my opinion is that they associate the concept, in most instances, with very well known brands and category market leaders and by extension assume that it means financial freedom for the owners for these franchised businesses. Therefore many aspiring franchisees are keen and eager to own a franchise in the belief that franchising is going to make them financially independent.”

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PICK N PAY tests plastic-free fruit and veg section

It crept up on us slowly and steadily… and we as consumers embraced it. The convenience of vegetables being cleaned, trimmed and packaged for our convenience; salads ready to eat in plastic containers with compartments for lettuce, tomatoes, olives and feta; fruit sliced for our convenience. Now that we are confronted with a global catastrophe of plastic polluting our world, we need to wake up and go back to doing things ‘the old fashioned way’ by hand-selecting loose produce and using paper bags.

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580 Students to compete in national maths championships


A+Students, the largest maths and mental arithmetic franchise in South Africa who use the abacus as the foundation of their courses, will be hosting their 13th National Championships in Krugersdorp on the 3rd August 2019.

According to Andy Raouna, CEO of A+Students this year’s National Championships will be a keenly contested event with students vying for a place in the South Africa team who will be making their way to Thailand in December to compete against over 20 countries at the PAMA Global Maths and Mental Arithmetic Championships. A+Students have at previous events produced champions and champion of champions and are looking to do so again this year.

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Fasa welcomes a new supplier member – Africa Spice

Welcome to fasa's new supplier member-Africa spice

When one thinks of franchising one automatically thinks of leading franchise brands or the many franchise outlets that take that product or service to the market-place.  But what about the companies that supply products and services to those franchise businesses – from those who shop-fit those eye-catching food outlets to those who make sure their operating systems run efficiently to those who supply the ingredients to make those mouth-watering eats. Read More

Col’cacchio launches cannabis pizza range

Col'cacchio cannabie

Being ahead of the trends curve is vital in today’s cut-throat food business – so hat’s off to FASA member Col’Cacchio on launching their cannabis pizza range!

Italian-inspired restaurant franchise Col’Cacchio and CBD brand africanpure have joined their respective expertise to introduce South Africa’s very first Cannabis pizza range. Following the landmark announcement in recent weeks by the Department of Health, all products that contain a maximum daily dose of 20mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) and are intended for general health enhancement or relief are exempted from the operation of the schedules to the Medicines Act and may now be legally purchased in SA.

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Spur secret tribe host chief cook event


Love watching those cooking competitions that not only pit professional chefs against each other but also amateur cooks, families and even children? Well, our very own Spur Steak Ranch has come up with an exciting cooking event.

Working with unique South African flavour combinations, experimenting with different ingredients, measurements and cooking styles, but most of all family fun, were the highlights at the Secret Tribe Chief Cook competition recently held at Silwood School of Cookery in Rondebosch, Cape Town.

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The lipstick effect drives the franchise beauty industry

Based on the theory that in hard times consumers will still buy luxury goods even if there is a crisis, the lipstick effect sees women, for example, instead of buying expensive treatments or clothes, settle for their favourite lipstick or luxury perfume.

Capitalising on that global theory, the Health, Beauty & Body sector in South Africa contributes 6% to the ‘franchise pie’ and with 74% of franchises owned by women, this sector continues to perform well despite the struggling economy.

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Fairness in franchising


As the business environment gets more difficult due to socio-economic and political influences in South Africa, the question of fairness in franchising has become a hot topic – both locally and internationally. FASA regularly fields complaints from franchisees on the fairness of their contracts in relation to everything from false promises, non-disclosure by the franchisors of failed franchisees, selling of outlets in close proximity of fellow franchisees to excessive supplier costs and marketing contributions and the refund of deposits.

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OBC Chicken & Meat welcomes the retail market inquiry

OBC Chicken & Meat was one of the companies that made their submission to the Competition Commission on the power wielded by the major national supermarket chains over enforcing exclusive provisions in their lease agreements against challenger retailers and speciality stores. It welcomes the preliminary findings and will be submitting its comments to the Commission.

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Sorbet Group posts great results and launches aesthetics concept, Sorbet SK-N

In the current economic climate of belt-tightening and price wars, the Sorbet salon group saw sales jump 19% in the past year, reaching R100 million for the first time with trading profit rocketing by 74%. They also announced the anticipated opening of the new Sorbet SK-N.

The hum about town over the past six months was on a new Sorbet Group concept, set to grace South African skin. The rumours were true as loyal Sorbet guests grew excited by the day in anticipation of a first in beauty aesthetics for Sorbet – Sorbet SK-N!

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