FASA welcomes CARtime as a member – A franchise option for an ever-changing world



CARtime started 22 years ago in the Automotive service and repair industry. Based on international best-practice model from the developed worlds’ right-to-repair environment, CARtime found its niche market long before Right-to-Repair was legislated in South Africa. The Right-to-Repair legislation, introduced with effect from the 1st July 2021, allows the consumer to select where to repair their new vehicle, without effecting the manufacturer’s warranty. That is, the manufacturer cannot void the vehicle warranty if it is not serviced through their dealer network. This breakthrough legislation not only provides for increased competition and better prices for consumers, but also limits the sale of costly service plans by the manufacturer as part of the new vehicle finance plan. This new legislation, creates a strategic development in the motor vehicle industry that now offers relief to consumers who purchase new vehicles and reside in outlying areas who would normally have to drive long distances just to meet the manufacturers recommended service intervals.

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Saying ola` to Pedros – a seriously hot new bird in the chicken market


The franchise market in South Africa is a highly competitive one as everyone is mad about chicken in any form or shape. Since KFC came into South Africa fifty years ago, Chicken Licken and Nando’s exploded onto the market in the 1980’s, the latter going on to global fame, the fast food market has always been hungry for the next new taste in chicken.

In Portugal, the rooster is a symbol of faith, justice and good luck and South Africans are mad about its unique taste. At Pedros their birds do just that; instil faith in the flavour, do justice to the grill and add a bit of good luck, because you’ll be coming back for more!

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Interest in investing in pre-owned vehicle franchise dealerships on the rise

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to create uncertainty with our lives and livelihoods, more consumers are choosing to purchase pre-owned vehicles rather than new in order to save money under a shaky economy, rising household expenses and unstable work environments.

Jason White, Joint Venture Head of InspectaCar Finance says: “We are excited to note that we have seen a rise in interest from stakeholders looking to invest in an InspectaCar franchise. Over the past three months we have seen in excess of 110 enquiries come through to us, with more than 20 serious applicants who have initiated the process of enquiry into a franchise. It is interesting to note that there are seven interested parties who are currently operational in the retail dealer environment. This is hugely encouraging as these investors have in depth knowledge of this unique industry.”

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Balancing the scales in franchising

balancing in franchising

Among the many industry sectors in South Africa, whether agriculture, mining or manufacturing, franchising is the only one that covers a whole spectrum of business sectors (around 14), all of whom have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. Sadly, as an industry sector, it often does not get enough credit for its contribution of close to 14% to the country’s GDP – far above all other sectors whose contributions are in the single digits.

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Coaching Franchisees in an Ubuntu way

franchisee coaching

Ubuntu is an ancient African word, literally meaning “humanity”, embodying the mantra of “I am because of who we all are”. Ubuntu is a concept about being with the other: in mind, spirit and heart. This concept of collaboration and connectedness is inherent in the very fibre of transformational coaching which can be applied so adeptly to relationships in franchising. In order to connect with franchisees, we can apply the Ubuntu practices in becoming partners with our franchisees, instead of directors, through the process of transformational coaching.

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What can we learn from international franchises?


The previous FASA survey conducted in 2019 showed that 73% of all franchise systems in SA are home-grown. It’s a remarkable achievement that South African entrepreneurs have created world-class brands targeting our local market with great success. However, there is always an opportunity to learn, and it is interesting to research some trends prevalent internationally.

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Is buying a franchise business the best choice for you?


Although franchising is hailed as the one of the safest options to getting into business, with a failure rate of only 10% compared to independent businesses that have a failure rate of over 90%, it still is a decision that must be taken with serious consultation and self-examination. Running a franchise and working within the parameters of a strict operating format may not suit everyone and the pressures put on running a franchise is not for the faint-hearted. Besides the obvious legal and financial aspects to buying a franchise that need to be considered, understanding what you are letting yourself in for is as important. Read More

Food franchising, the COVID-19 Conundrum

The fall-out from the Covid-19 pandemic has been felt in all areas of the economy, with the food franchising sector,  food and beverage taking a spectacular knock as it fought closures during lockdown, sporadic openings, alcohol bans and even closures. According to Statistics South Africa, during February 2021, the sector declined 24.6% year on year, with bar sales falling 49,3% and food sales down by 22.5%. The only silver lining seems to be in the fast-food and take-away sub-sector that, surprisingly in February 2021, was up by 0.1% – no great shakes, but at least a positive growth.

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Jawitz boosts franchisee relations through effective communication

Digital training

With the franchising sector contributing close to 13.9% to the country’s GDP and employing close to a million people, according to a FASA 2019 survey, at its heart, franchising is all about the spirit of entrepreneurship. The last year has created immeasurable hardship for small and medium-sized franchise businesses, but many in the sector have adapted the way in which they train and communicate to keep business going. Read More

Interest in pre-owned vehicle franchise dealerships on the rise


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to create uncertainty with our lives and livelihoods, more consumers are choosing to purchase pre-owned vehicles rather than new in order to save money under a shaky economy, rising household expenses and unstable work environments.

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