The Underrated customer experience

customer experience

The customer experience is not to be confused with customer service. Customer service is what we do and customer experience is the sum of multiple touch points which result in how we make the customer ‘feel’.

We are living in an era where the customer experience plays a significant role in the success of a brand/business. It is now a topic of discussion in many boardrooms and has become a strategic measure of most business plans. If not, it should be!

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Brands creating new income streams in a struggling economy

Thinking out side the box

There is no question that franchising’s saving grace in a struggling economy is the fact that, by its very nature franchising is entrepreneurial, flexible and forward-thinking. Not only does it continue to be resilient, but it also offers, largely due to its strong business format and support system, a better chance of surviving the ups and downs.

Thinking outside the box and looking for ways and means to cross-promote and reach new markets is a trait that many of FASA’s members do extremely well. They are the ones who find a ‘niche’ that sets them apart or, by default, thrive on the back of challenging conditions.

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Joyous celebration of Oasis Water’s 300th Outlet 

Lynnwood Oasis store

The Van den Berg family and their stellar team come together with Oasis Water head office to commemorate this landmark occasion.

Equestria, Pretoria: On Friday, 1 November 2019, the family team of mom Charmaine van den Berg with sons Riaan(26), Deon(23) and Dewald(19) were excited to celebrate their 9th Oasis water outlet with their entire staff team. Their 9th outlet also marked the wildly successful Oasis Water franchise’s 300th outlet in South Africa! “This was a team effort, and we celebrate together,” said director Riaan van den Berg. Festivities took place at their latest Oasis Water shop in the brand new Lynnwood Lane shopping centre conveniently situated on Lynnwood road, just next to the Grove mall.

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Why is government’s perception of the franchising model so negative?

Upset about franchising model and government

For the past forty years that the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) has been in existence, it has had three main aims:

  • To promote the globally successful franchise business format to contribute to the economic growth of the country. When sanctions were biting hard, the franchise community rallied to sustain the sector by encouraging local entrepreneurs to start home-grown concepts – many today are global brands.
  • To help grow the economy through franchising’s principle of duplication through the creation of small businesses, offering opportunities for people from all walks of life to acquire the skills to run their own businesses according to the tried-and-tested formula of franchising.
  • To contribute to skills development and more importantly to job creation through the successful franchise system.

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A new franchising industry code for South Africa

new franchising code

As you may recall, the Consumer Protection Act, no. 68 of 2008 (“CPA”), introduced franchise legislation into the franchise industry in South Africa, on or about 1 April 2011. By way of example, Regulation 2 thereof sets out 50 or more points that need to be dealt with and included in a compliant franchise agreement. Regulation 3 introduced the provision of a disclosure document, to be furnished to a prospective franchisee, at least 14 days prior to signing a franchise agreement. This sets out what information and documentation should be provided to the prospective franchisee, to place the franchisee in a position where they are reasonably able to assess the franchise business opportunity offered by the franchisor.

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FASA membership fee discount offer for 2020

FASA Membership

We are fast approaching the conclusion of another year which has been tough in many respects but franchising, in general, appears to be weathering the economic storm better than most.

As a valued member of the Association, we would like to offer you a 2020 membership fee discount on the basis of a so-called ‘early bird’ payment. The Association’s council ratified a fee adjustment for 2020 of 5% but should you submit payment of the 2020 fees now the increase would be waived.

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A damning report released on South African tobacco industry


On Thursday 10 October 2019, a report on the state of tobacco industry interference in tobacco control in South Africa was presented to the Minister of Health. Although South Africa was a tobacco control leader in the 1990s and early 2000s, today the country is falling behind. There have been several amendments to tobacco control legislation over the years.

However, to better protect public health, certain areas of the legislation need to be strengthened. These include, amongst others, removing the display of tobacco products at the point of sale, making all indoor public places 100% smoke-free, controlling smoking in certain outdoor areas, banning vending machines that dispense tobacco products, including graphic health warnings on packaging and regulating electronic delivery systems.

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Cash in on events building up to the festive season

Festive Season

In these harsh economic times, taking advantage of any and every opportunity in retail to tap into the social, cultural or festive events that lead up to the festive season can help achieve sales targets. In an article in Biz-Community Eben Esterhuizen, a FMCG specialist and CEO of OnShelf Pharma believes that planning for Q4 and the Christmas buying season includes having a sales calendar and planning promotions to attract shoppers – be it on-line or in-store.

Whilst we may bemoan the fact that almost every week there is a day dedicated to one thing or another, and that some are promoted simply to push sales, to retailers it is yet another way to get feet into stores, orders online and sales in the bag. Read More

Services SETA Discretionary Grants Call for Applications

Services SETA logo

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) invites suitable levy-paying entities to apply for discretionary grant funding. The application window will open on 14 October 2019 at 08h00 and will close on 31 October 2019 at 16h00. This is an incredible opportunity for franchisors who pay levies to the Services SETA to benefit from leadership funding opportunities. If you are a FASA member and would like to learn more about tapping into this empowerment opportunity to grow your network using available government funding and assisting with job creation and training then contact Nico Botha on his email he can assist with the application process. Read More

As FASA celebrates 40 years… It reflects on the 1970’s

As the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) celebrates 40 years of representing what is considered one of the biggest business sectors in South Africa

  • contributing over 15% to the country’s GDP, we reflect on the decade that not only saw the birth of our democracy but a surge in franchise activity.

With franchise fast food and restaurants cementing their popularity in the 1970’s, other business sectors started to look at the franchise model as a way to expand their businesses. With Pick n Pay introducing the convenience store concept, others soon followed and the first Shoprite was founded in 1979 in Cape Town and the retail side of franchising starting gaining momentum.

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