A damning report released on South African tobacco industry


On Thursday 10 October 2019, a report on the state of tobacco industry interference in tobacco control in South Africa was presented to the Minister of Health. Although South Africa was a tobacco control leader in the 1990s and early 2000s, today the country is falling behind. There have been several amendments to tobacco control legislation over the years.

However, to better protect public health, certain areas of the legislation need to be strengthened. These include, amongst others, removing the display of tobacco products at the point of sale, making all indoor public places 100% smoke-free, controlling smoking in certain outdoor areas, banning vending machines that dispense tobacco products, including graphic health warnings on packaging and regulating electronic delivery systems.

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Cash in on events building up to the festive season

Festive Season

In these harsh economic times, taking advantage of any and every opportunity in retail to tap into the social, cultural or festive events that lead up to the festive season can help achieve sales targets. In an article in Biz-Community Eben Esterhuizen, a FMCG specialist and CEO of OnShelf Pharma believes that planning for Q4 and the Christmas buying season includes having a sales calendar and planning promotions to attract shoppers – be it on-line or in-store.

Whilst we may bemoan the fact that almost every week there is a day dedicated to one thing or another, and that some are promoted simply to push sales, to retailers it is yet another way to get feet into stores, orders online and sales in the bag. Read More

Services SETA Discretionary Grants Call for Applications

Services SETA logo

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) invites suitable levy-paying entities to apply for discretionary grant funding. The application window will open on 14 October 2019 at 08h00 and will close on 31 October 2019 at 16h00. This is an incredible opportunity for franchisors who pay levies to the Services SETA to benefit from leadership funding opportunities. If you are a FASA member and would like to learn more about tapping into this empowerment opportunity to grow your network using available government funding and assisting with job creation and training then contact Nico Botha who can assist with the application process. Read More

As FASA celebrates 40 years… It reflects on the 1970’s

As the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA) celebrates 40 years of representing what is considered one of the biggest business sectors in South Africa

  • contributing over 15% to the country’s GDP, we reflect on the decade that not only saw the birth of our democracy but a surge in franchise activity.

With franchise fast food and restaurants cementing their popularity in the 1970’s, other business sectors started to look at the franchise model as a way to expand their businesses. With Pick n Pay introducing the convenience store concept, others soon followed and the first Shoprite was founded in 1979 in Cape Town and the retail side of franchising starting gaining momentum.

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Calling a business opportunity a ‘franchise’ is no guarantee for success

franchise business

“Being involved in franchising for most of my working life I have had the privilege and opportunity to experience the concept of franchising in South Africa in every form and fashion over the years” says Vera Valasis, Executive Director of the Franchise Association of South Africa. “So when the public hears the word ‘franchising’ my opinion is that they associate the concept, in most instances, with very well known brands and category market leaders and by extension assume that it means financial freedom for the owners for these franchised businesses. Therefore many aspiring franchisees are keen and eager to own a franchise in the belief that franchising is going to make them financially independent.”

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The importance of doing your homework before buying a franchise

The importance of doing your homework before buying a franchise

An exposé on eNCA’s Check Point last week put the spotlight on the plight of franchisees who bought into a franchise that was not accredited by the Franchise Association of South Africa. Irregularities in the franchise contract, lack of support and unhappiness amongst franchisees were highlighted – giving franchising a bad rap.

Often, when FASA deals with enquiries and complaints from unsuspecting franchisees who apparently have been done in by a franchisor that appears to be a fly-by-night, one wonders why or how did it happen that they decided to buy a franchise from a franchise company that is not an accredited member for the Association. Despite the many warnings from the Franchise Association and others in the industry, it is a sad fact that many franchisees blindly buy into franchises without doing a thorough due diligence and fail to have considered the following:-

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Service franchises can help fix that appliance, renovate, waterproof and repair


Are you one of those homeowners that urgently needs something fixed around the home but are at a loss as to where to find a reliable repair company? If you belong to one of the many suburban whatsapp groups, you could post your dilemma online but then get inundated with offers of assistance from both individuals and companies vying for your business. Whilst you might get a good referral there are also fly-by-night operators who trawl these groups waiting to scam unsuspecting homeowners.

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FASA holds government to their promise to work with business to stimulate the economy

stimulate economy

The Franchise Association of South Africa, through its membership of BUSA was invited to a conversation with the Minister of Trade & Industry and his team on Monday 22nd July and is encouraged at the positive and committed attitude and the concrete steps taken by the government to partner with the private sector.

“After years of knocking at government’s door to acknowledge that the franchise sector has something to contribute to entrepreneurship and small business development,” says Vera Valasis, FASA’s Executive Director, “Minister Patel’s invitation to work closely with his team to open doors to new business development is a ‘breath of fresh air’ and is welcomed by FASA’s board.”

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Winner of field service consultant award wins Las Vegas Trip

Lawrence Lindeque of Kauai in Las Vegas 2019

With franchising success largely based on the inter-dependency of both franchisor and franchisee, the task of looking after a brand’s many franchisees rests with the Field Service Consultants (FSC’s). So important does FASA believe their role is within the franchise format that each year they award a top prize of a trip to the American International Franchise Conference to South Africa’s best Field Service Consultant. Lawrence Lindeque, Field Service Consultant at Kauai was the lucky winner in 2018 and attended the IFA Conference in Las Vegas in February this year and gives us his feedback.

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New FASA chair to focus on growth and empowerment in business

empower business growth

Growing and empowering the SME and franchise sector will be at the centre of Akhona Qengqe’s tenure as Chair of the Franchise Association for 2019 and 2020. As Transformation Director for KFC, she will use her experience and commercial acumen to find creative solutions to some of the challenges that business in South Africa faces in its transformation endeavours.

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