MAIDS4U – A crucial an rewarding service franchise

The services sector in franchising covers a range of sectors with the bottom line being about making life easier! As people become more strapped for time, and with more and more women having to juggle work and home, getting professional and personal cleaning services through franchise companies is becoming more commonplace.

Cleaning is a crucial part of everyone’s lives, whether it’s domestically or for businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic has also resulted in increased awareness of viruses and germs and as a result, cleaning services are in high demand and this trend is expected to continue worldwide.

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Government Gazette rules for a cleaner environment


Removing  one plastic straw at a time has become the symbol for saving our planet from the ravages of our excesses and our overuse of plastics and other products that are clogging up our rivers, seas and environment.

Government this month gazetted their new Waste Act, part of National Environment Management legislation with strict new recycling rules for everything from plastic, glass, paper to other products such as electronic and electric equipment, light bulbs and solar products as well as a range of metal products.

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Medical aid and health insurance a love hate relationship

Do you know what to consider when shopping for medical aid schemes for your staff?  Do  you know the difference between medical aid and health insurance?  So many things to consider that I hadn’t thought about, maybe you haven’t either, in this 30 minute interview Romany Thresher asks Bianca Viljoen about Medical aid.

Many of us find it’s  like a mine field out there choosing the right medical scheme.  What are you covered for and what not?  How do we decide which policy is right for us?

One important question one must ask these days is, “am I covered for pandemics like this?”  Health Squared have been proactive in ensuring their members full cover during this pandemic crises.  They have not only seen to the medical side of Covid 19, but are also offering help with mental issues that many members are facing at this time.

Health Squared

Choosing a medical aid scheme for your employees

What to consider when deciding on the right medical aid scheme for your staff and your business. Factors to consider, location, the type of work your staff do and overall general health.


Navigating the covid-19 regulations


Following President Ramaphosa’s address last week indicating that most of South Africa should be at Level 3 by the end of May, the details of which sectors will open are still to be confirmed although indications are that retail, e-commerce and exercise will be lifted soon. However, parts of the country with the highest rates of infection may have to remain on Level 4.   But, as we have seen, many of the rulings have been changed, challenged and it has become difficult to keep up with this ever-changing crisis.

NEASA, the National Employers Association of South Africa (, have produced a very handy Toolkit to assist employers comply with regulations: Some of the key standouts include:

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Recycling stats show South Africa is playing its part


When traveling around South Africa – be it in urban or rural areas – it is often said tongue-in-cheek, that South Africa’s national flower is the plastic bag. Are we really that bad and are we doing something about it? According to the latest South African recycling statistics released by Plastics/SA, the country has a dynamic and well-supported recycling industry which is improving year-on-year.

According to Anton Hanekom, Executive Director at Plastics/SA despite the struggling national economy and increased electricity tariffs to shifts in waste regulations and industry strike action, the recycling and plastics industry in 2018 (the year surveyed), great strides were made including:

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The Bootleggers ethos, its about who you know and how much you care

A brand that started with the desire for a cup of good coffee after an early morning cycle has turned into a franchise dedicated to pleasure through perfection, to sustainability through good ethical and fair price practices – making sure that their customers who range from seasoned professionals to avid cyclists – share their passion and come back for more.

Seeking coffee after their morning cycle, and no coffee shops open at that hour, Pieter Bloom, De Waal, and Antonie Basson, who have been friends since their high school days in Franschhoek, decided to start their own coffee shop that would be open at 6h30 so that they could have coffee after their rides.

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Bottled water bottles do not contain BPA and are reusable


“Bottled water bottles do not contain BPA and therefore cannot leach BPA into the water they contain. On the contrary, bottled water bottles are made from PET, a food-grade plastic that is biologically inert if ingested is safe during handling, and is not a hazard if inhaled. As importantly, they can be reused and recycled.”

This is the message from Charlotte Metcalf, the Executive Director of the South African National Bottled Water Association in response to consumer queries received after a newspaper article asked ‘Is my bottled water bottle killing me?’

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Are you doing enough to remove harmful plastic?

south africa plastic waste

Whether you are the one sipping that drink or milkshake through a plastic straw or a food franchise wanting to play your part in the sustainability of the planet, we all need to take steps to remove single-use plastics.  Are you on board?

It started with the straw. This is our final straw. This moment in our history is just the beginning. ” Those were the words of Thabisa Mkhwanazi, KFC Africa’s Public Affairs Director after announcing the removal of plastic straws in over 900 KFC restaurants across South Africa, helping to eliminate 60 million plastic straws a year.

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The lipstick effect drives the franchise beauty industry

Based on the theory that in hard times consumers will still buy luxury goods even if there is a crisis, the lipstick effect sees women, for example, instead of buying expensive treatments or clothes, settle for their favourite lipstick or luxury perfume.

Capitalising on that global theory, the Health, Beauty & Body sector in South Africa contributes 6% to the ‘franchise pie’ and with 74% of franchises owned by women, this sector continues to perform well despite the struggling economy.

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