The unsung hero in the field of franchising

Understanding franchisees requires more than just mandatory visits and obligatory compliance checks. As many of us know, franchisors are often likened to parents and we all know being a parent doesn’t come with an operations manual. Fortunately, franchising is somewhat different and there are ways to upskill and train Franchise Field Consultants (FSCs) to be brilliant mediators between franchisor and franchisee, and thus really fulfill the role of being business advisors. We have witnessed countless positive relationship transformations between franchisors and franchisees by simply equipping the business advisors with the right tools to support franchisees. We cannot underestimate the pressure placed on FSC’s who require a greater dexterity in skills than most other employees. Some of these skills include:
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Recruit franchisees with the FASA – Inani Initiative

Nico Botha, the founder of Inani NPC Incubator Accelerator answers questions about the FASA – INANI initiative, creating training and funding opportunities for the franchise sector.   Also participating in this interview is Ornica Mukhavhuli who runs the Inani Talent Incubator and BBBE Specialist Tony D’ Almeida


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Authentic leadership in uncertain times


Successful franchising is based on the effective premise of a successful franchisor/franchisee relationship. Leading in The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a new leadership paradigm.  Turbulent times call for an approach that puts people at the centre of everything they do. Leaders must transform their organizations to stay relevant and competitive amidst unprecedented change, but they must do so in a manner that inspires people in their workforce to opportunities and prosperity. The changed world of Covid-19 means business models that carried companies to the top of their industries are burning, set aflame by the pandemic, technology, demographic change, globalization, and other disruptive forces. For franchising to survive and thrive, their leaders must be adept at adopting new roles, crafting new identities, and finding new meaning for themselves and those they lead. The answer lies in authenticity – the heart of responsive and responsible leadership.

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Deliver the future of education now… with Schooltree

The facts in education in South Africa are shocking;

  • 80% of Grade 4 pupils cannot read comprehension.
  •  After five years of school about half of the learners in South Africa cannot work out that 24 divided by three is eight.
  • The 2019 Teaching and Learning International Survey (TAUS) found that South African teachers spend only 66% of their time teaching while the international average is 78%.

Educating the next generation is a collective responsibility and FASA member RAiN, a professional services company known for its broad-spectrum, organic solutions which address specific business and operational challenges, is behind an initiative called SchoolTree that is set to revolutionize educational operations in South Africa.

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