10 Website terms to make you sound like a pro

Website development

When speaking about websites, we often find that the terms used can be quite confusing and difficult to wrap our heads around. Veronica Wainstein of Penquin has identified 10 need-to-know website terms that will help you sound like a pro.

For a first-timer, deciding to have a website built for your business can be quite exciting and daunting all at once. It’s sort of like having your car fixed – you know something has to be done, and parts are required – but what it all means is beyond comprehension.

Familiarising yourself with how it all works and knowing what your money is paying for is important before you take that first step. Read, memorize and save this list of website terminology, even if it’s just to sound smart around the braai!

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Marketing trends for 2019


Authenticity and vulnerability are two themes that dominated the media landscape in 2018 and will continue into 2019. From everyday people, to celebrities, to media and for brands, transparency was clear across the board and no one could hide from anything. With social media bringing out both the best and the worst in people, Veronica Wainstein, MD of Penquin takes a look at how marketing trends in 2018 have influenced how 2019 will pan out.

So let’s talk about 2019 ….

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How to sell more without spamming your customers


We all know persistence is an important part of sales, but there are lines salespeople often cross. FASA member Penquin shows how you can still grow your sales without harassing or spamming your customers.

Spamming your database will soon become a thing of past with new privacy policies such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) already rolled out, and South Africa’s POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) coming soon. Customers are less trusting of businesses, making it harder to earn their trust and loyalty. You don’t want to lose that trust by spamming them with SMSes, emails and calls, trying to meet your sales targets.

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