Franchises across all sectors dig deep to survive


One has to ask how businesses, entrepreneurs and investors in South Africa have any confidence in a future when confronted with constant rolling blackouts, another looming fourth wave of coronavirus infections with little to no support from the government.

Well, If you are a franchise in any of the fourteen business sectors, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and dig deep to survive.

That was the overwhelming sentiment following the Franchise Association of South Africa’s key franchise conference in August that took a hard look at how Covid-19 affected the franchise sector and outlined steps to not only regain lost ground but proposed forward-thinking plans to revive and re-energize the sector through entrepreneurial initiatives.

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Getting small businesses back on track

getting business back on track

At FASA’s Franchising in Africa Conference, sponsored by Absa, speaker Jacki Mpondo-Hendricks, CEO of the SAUBC (South Africa United Business Confederation), a non-profit and non-racial, small businesses and economic confederation that works to expand international trade and investment, expanded on Africa Growth 2063, which includes identifying franchising as a catalyst for their Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement, unlocking Intra Regional Trade through supply chain optimization and Covid-19 Recovery Plan.

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The role franchisors play in Covid-19 lockdown & how to assist franchisees

The Association invited Trevor Locker who is the Chief Operating Officer at Cash Converters to come and chat with the Association on what they’ve done to keep their business operational during Covid-19 lockdown and how they as a franchisor have been assisting their franchisees to adapt to regulations that effects them.