Looking to buy a franchise?

buying a franchise business

B.rain gives key factors for success that all franchisees should know and implement, in order to build and grow a compliant and profitable business.

Franchises are often (mistakenly) perceived as companies that are well-established and would offer support for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business, but are wary because of their own inexperience. While good franchisors may offer mentoring and training sessions on the brand and systems a franchise does not teach franchisees how to run a business. Without some basic business skills, novice business owners are bound to struggle. Investing in getting a formal education to understand the details of operating a business is instrumental for franchisees to compete in a complex and ever-changing business environment.

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Sorbet Group posts great results and launches aesthetics concept, Sorbet SK-N

In the current economic climate of belt-tightening and price wars, the Sorbet salon group saw sales jump 19% in the past year, reaching R100 million for the first time with trading profit rocketing by 74%. They also announced the anticipated opening of the new Sorbet SK-N.

The hum about town over the past six months was on a new Sorbet Group concept, set to grace South African skin. The rumours were true as loyal Sorbet guests grew excited by the day in anticipation of a first in beauty aesthetics for Sorbet – Sorbet SK-N!

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Top tips for selling a small business

sell small business

Selling any business successfully takes preparation and knowledge in order to get the best result in the shortest time. Every business is different and therefore, deserves a different level of attention. There are several key issues that need to be considered not only to ensure a good sale but also a smooth transition for the new owner.  FASA member B.Rain gives their top tips to selling a business.

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