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Capitec Business: Your partner for franchising success

Capitec Business:  Your partner for franchising success

In the dynamic world of franchising, choosing the right banking partner can make all the difference in achieving business growth and success. We at Capitec Business want to position ourselves as leaders in providing the best-tailored banking solutions specifically designed to meet the unique needs of franchisees.

Lending solutions

We provide flexible financing options to support franchise growth and expansion, whether you’re:

  • Purchasing an existing outlet
  • Setting up a new store
  • Revamping an existing outlet
  • Getting additional equipment
  • Entering a management buy-out transaction
  • Purchasing commercial property
  • Improving working capital and cash flow

Transactional banking solutions

We also offer a range of transactional banking services designed to simplify financial management for franchise owners:

  • Business accounts: Tailored business accounts with competitive interest rates, low monthly account fees, and access to online banking and our app for convenient account management
  • Payments and transfers: We offer efficient payment solutions, including bulk payments, salary transfers, supplier payments, and cross-border transfers, to facilitate seamless financial transactions
  • Card machine services: From card machines to card processing solutions and merchant services, we support retail operations and enhance customer payment experiences
  • Cash management: We offer cash deposit and withdrawal services, cash handling solutions, and cash flow management tools to optimise cash operations and liquidity
  • Digital banking: Our clients get access to a user-friendly digital banking platform with features such as account monitoring, transaction history, balance inquiries, statement downloads, and secure messaging for communication

Preferential pricing

Our franchise offer has competitive merchant rates for card transactions, which are custom-made for the different franchise brands

Our card machines are available at a once-off cost of R1 299 (including VAT) for the Pro and R2 199 (including VAT) for the Print, providing franchisees with a cost-effective and efficient payment processing solution. The Capitec merchant offering provides easy onboarding, remote assistance and next-day settlement to franchisees.

Account and transaction fees

Our account and transaction fees are transparent and affordable, ensuring ease of financial management for franchise owners:

  • Monthly service fee: R65.00
  • Monthly credit card service fee: R40.00
  • Monthly overdraft fee: R69.00
  • Debit order fee: R5.00
  • First statements: Free

For online banking transactions, the fees are:

  • Internal transfer: R5.00
  • Batch payment per item beneficiary: R5.00
  • Bill payment fee: R5.00
  • Future-dated and recurring payments: R5.00
  • Immediate payment: R7.50
  • Payment recalls: R160.00
  • Inter-account transfer fee: Free
  • Password re-issue: Free
  • Secure message on online banking: Free
  • Beneficiary notifications by email, fax, SMS: Free
  • Monthly subscription fee: Free

Benefits and unique offerings

We have several benefits and unique offerings that cater specifically to the needs of franchise businesses:

  • Centralised franchise finance team: Our team specialises in franchise finance, providing expert guidance and support throughout the lending process
  • Specialist approach: We understand the intricacies of the franchising model and tailor solutions to meet franchisees’ unique requirements
  • Affordable, simple banking: We offer affordable and transparent banking solutions, simplifying financial management for franchise owners and ensuring cost-effective banking services
  • National network: Our national network of Business Centres provides accessibility and convenience, allowing franchisees to access banking services and support wherever they are located
  • Relationship management and support: We prioritise building strong relationships with franchise clients, offering personalised support, and managing relationships continuously to foster business growth and success
  • Special initiatives supporting franchise growth: We offer networking opportunities and collaboration with industry partners to facilitate franchisees’ business development and expansion.

Driving franchising success

We stand out as the best bank for franchising solutions. With a focus on empowering franchisees and driving business success, we are a trusted partner for franchise businesses across South Africa, driving economic growth, creating opportunities, and fostering entrepreneurship in the franchising sector.

Contact Capitec Business at franchising@capitecbank.co.za 




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