Cam Era the only approved security technology company in South Africa


Cam Era is the only Fasa approved security technology Company in South Africa. I’m sure we all agree that security is a vital service in our country today. No company can operate without a trusted security system.

Bill Sandham, the CEO, had the vision of this franchise and spent 10 years developing this particular franchise model. Starting with a blank screen he met with his largest supplier and sat with their consultant who told him he would have to productize the business but at that stage it was still and idea on a piece of paper and like most Franchisors, ideas are birthed but that’s where the work begins to bring those ideas to reality. It takes time and lots of birthing pains as you meet with consultants, legal experts and others you can use as a sounding board. There is no instant, overnight plug and play business. People need to plug themselves into your business. You start with a blank canvas and you need to have all the established, tried and trusted tools ready to put it into someone’s hands and say, “this is a model that works.” A system you can duplicate over and over.



There are always obstacles you will have to overcome. Where do you start? Can you imagine you were given the job to write down everything you do in your job as if you were going to die in a month and you want to put it into someone’s hands and they can do the job. Bill then wrote a 642 page illustration manual and he gave it to some learned people in the industry. They said it was an unbelievable scope of work BUT you’ve written it for your level. Bill quickly learned that not everyone is qualified to be an author. Bill had to rewrite the entire process for people who have never had experience in this particular industry. Big learning curve. We often know our job but how do we put our knowledge and experience into someone else’s hands in a way they can grasp it?

Security is the largest employer in the country and you’re often dealing with the serious side of crime. Cam Era’s aim is to prevent crime happening in the first place. They need to train people, not only to see the technical side of the business but also the humane side. How to protect people and their businesses.

We train our members to walk up and down streets and see how others protect themselves. Everyday Cam Era gets opportunities to help people and businesses to solve their security issues.

This is an ideal Franchise for people who want to work from home. Cam Era has 3 corporate structures e.g. 1) Admin and Finance 2) Operations and Logistics and #) Sales and marketing. Cam Era offer the 3rd structure as a franchise. So this means they do all the things like operations, logistics, admin and finance. The Franchisee will do Sales and Marketing. This means that a Franchisee won’t have to invest in offices or stores. They can focus on their role to market and sell the product. To listen to the customer’s needs and fulfill that need. They will get a manual. which serves as a ‘road map’ of the whole business and extensive training. This includes negotiating, closing deals, business acumen, security and the methodology of how we understand risk. They also do field training, tools and equipment and do installations so that they can understand the process. Training is ongoing.

Bill also gives his Franchisees and hour per week so they can sit and discuss any challenges or problems they might have. Life events happen and everyone needs a trusted advisor, a sounding board. This can give you a whole new perspective on those challenges.

When you open a business on your own there is rarely and support or backup. You’re basically on your own. Being a Fasa member gives you that support. It gives you credibility. On your own you’re just another business and it’s hard for people to trust you, unless you can say you’re an accredited Fasa member. Fasa really helped me in the beginning when I first set up this business. They told me what I needed to do and how to do it. A lot of businesses who are not Fasa accredited have lots of complaints and their is no mediation and Fasa cannot help them if they are not members.

People often think they can start a business and go it alone. What they don’t realise is all the years the Franchisor has spent, at their own expense, researching the business and making a model that works and they give you the support and training you need, all on a silver platter. You’re good to go.


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