Franchisee and Franchisor Relationships

Franchisee and Franchisor Relationships

The very nature of franchising, with its public persona and duplication method ensures that franchisees are well trained on the importance of good communications within the network, and of good ethical business practices. But to fully succeed, the franchise relationships between franchisor and franchisee needs to be a two-way street that leads to a win-win scenario.

An open communication channel between the franchisor and franchisee on all levels is crucial to the success of the franchise, as is the relationships with suppliers and customers. As franchising is all about building a brand, teamwork on all levels is crucial and must emanate from the very top and work its way right down the franchise chain.

Franchisors and franchisees are always in the spotlight – whether it’s representing their brand, dealing with franchisor, motivating staff, negotiating with suppliers and putting their best foot forward with your customers.

6pm – 8pm AEST (10am -12noon SAST) | 5 Sessions 26, 29 Apr & 3, 6, 10 May

International franchise relationship guru and founder of the FRI in Australia, Greg Nathan, has spent years researching and presenting studies on the understanding and improvement of the franchisee/franchisor relationship. Having observed a number of franchisors, and also having had the privilege of talking to thousands of franchisees about how to make the most of being part of a network, has made Greg an expert on this topic. A regular visitor to South Africa over the past decades, Greg gets to work with lots of franchisor teams from all over the world, in particular helping them to engage more effectively with their franchisees.

Being offered for the first time in a timeslot suited to colleagues in Europe, Asia and South Africa, the Franchisor Excellence Masterclass is a fantastic opportunity for senior franchisor executives to remain up to date with important strategic trends, engage with high-level peers, and stay fresh and focused on what matters.

The Franchisor Excellence Masterclass delivers powerful insights into the psychology of franchising that every franchisor executive needs to know. The content is practical and evidence-based, and draws from FRI’s decades of research working with hundreds of the world’s most successful franchise networks. Sessions are highly interactive and provide participants with the tools and processes proven to build a profitable, healthy franchising culture where franchisor teams and franchisees can work together to achieve their goals.

Over five convenient 2-hour sessions, learn useful techniques on the psychology of franchise leadership, and participate in small group discussions where best practice tips are shared. The program is facilitated by FRI’s Founder, Greg Nathan, and sessions are delivered live on Zoom in a highly interactive manner, enabling you to participate from your preferred location.

Participants will learn valuable insights into the psychology of franchising that every franchisor executive needs to know, including:

  • New insights from business psychology on how to build trust and commitment
  • Techniques to grow your network with high-quality franchisees
  • Leadership strategies to build commitment and buy-in to change
  • Systems to deliver relevant support for franchisees at different stages of their lifecycle
  • Diagnostic tools to measure the health of your franchise network
  • Processes that create a healthy culture based on the principles of profitable partnerships
  • Current and emerging trends that are shaping the future of franchising
  • Insights into how to run collaborative committees without losing decision-making control

Tips and techniques to fully engage franchisees in important brand initiatives

At AU$545, this program provides outstanding value and is consistently rated as delivering an excellent ROI. Further discounts apply for groups of five or more participants.

For a more detailed overview and to register, please visit the Franchise Relationships Website