Are you getting your money’s worth out of your till roll?

Who would have thought there was so much involved with a till roll.  You go shopping, or to an ATM and never really think twice about that slip of paper, or how important it could be.

Not all till rolls are created equally!  Some companies sell inferior products or short change you on the length.




Apparently, size does matter.  The standard size roll should be 80 meters by 80 mm.  But who measures the length of their till rolls?  This is where you can be short changed.  You might even be charged the same for less length or inferior quality.  This is where a highly qualified firm like Uniprint comes in.  A buyer can view a video of the roll measurement so you can be sure you’re getting what you are paying for.

When you think about it, this little slip of paper is your transaction between you and your client.  It serves as a warranty as well as your proof of payment should you need to exchange or get a refund.

I’m sure all of us have had many occasions where you’ve bought something, or drawn money at an ATM, only to discover that the print has disappeared over the next few days or weeks.  This could either be due to poor quality ink or paper.  It could also be how you store these slips.  Left in the car in the sun is sure to wipe that print right off.  Store important till slips in a dry, dark place for longevity.

Quality is all about the paper that comes from the paper mill.  Uniprint ensures that the quality of paper, from the paper mill, is fit for purpose and even has a certificate to prove it.

Do you know that you can even use your till slip as a marketing tool?  All your special offers can be printed on your till slip and any new content is immediately available for printing, which means your advertising on the till slip is up to date at a moments notice.

Uniprint not only supply till slips but also, Business forms, Transactional forms, Hybrid documents, Thermal ATM rolls, Ballot papers, Government certificates, Election Kits and Voting Booths. They are approachable and will help you to find the product that is right for you. They have many years experience and offer world class systems and processes.



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