Apply to sit on the events committee

Our Vision

Our vision is to get the Franchisors to play an important role in the decision making on how to promote the Franchise industry and promote the members interests in all events by making it exciting and a full events program for next year. The events committee was established to revitalise our shows and events that was inhibited due to Covid. We are inviting you to play a pivotal role in the Franchise industry. Influence your future by participating as a committee member that is an important role in the events committee to promote FASA member Franchise business as you would expect for your own Franchise business.

We do not ask a lot of time from you, only three hours per month on zoom to do the following:

  • Influence what events to propose
  • Approve Committee proposals
  • Propose and approve Mandates of each event (Shows, networking etc.)
  • Influence which categories events should be structured in and how it should be managed, and suggest and approve suggested frequency and dates for events; and
  • Positively Influence all member expectations on events committee to promote all our members.


This is a sample of some of the current suggestions:

  1. Yearly shows;
  2.  Structuring all processes and timelines for shows and Events;
  3. Sponsor generation Objective;
  4. Seminars and Breakfast planning;
  5. Marketing objectives;
  6. Networking objectives;
  7. Online Seminars and Summit Planning;
  8. Document all processes in OPM for continuity;
  9. CPD implementation;
  10. Awards; and
  11. Yearly Survey.


If you are interested, complete the form below and we will supply the full scope of operations and procedures to give you more insight.