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Banner OptionsDescriptionDimensionsCost per Month
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Cost per Month
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Cost per Month
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Home PageTop slider banner1 038 w X 628 px R 5,150.00R 4,635.00R 3,605.00
Home PageLower page banner240 w X 100 h pxR 2,575.00R 1,751.00R 1,545.00
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500 w X 500h pxR 3,605.00R 3,100.00R 2,626.50



Non FASA Members Newsletter Advertising (Excluding VAT)
Database: 30 000

FASA Members Newsletter Advertising Rates – note: This is published to FASA members on the 15th of every month. (Excluding VAT)

FASA Members Pricing (20% Discount) (Excluding VAT)

Banner OptionsDescriptionDimensionsCost per Month
(1 month)
Cost per month
(3 months)
Cost per month
(6 months)
Home PageTop Slider Banner1 038 w X 628 hR 4,120.00R 3,700.00R 2,900.00
Home PageBottom Banner240 w X 100 h pxR 2,060.00R 1,400.00R 1,240.00
All PageFooter Banner500 w X 500 h pxR 2,900.00R 2,480.00R 2,100.00

FASA Members Newsletter Pricing (20% Discount) (Excluding VAT)
Database: 30 000