The future of shopping centres in the spotlight


Whilst a survey in 2017 by Visa showed that South African consumers still prefer doing their shopping in malls, and a recent study by MSCI on behalf of the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC) shows South Africa as having the sixth most shopping centre space in the world, FASA’s Franchise survey does show a decrease in the number of outlets in shopping centres and malls.

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Survey Shows SA Entrepreneurs are struggling


Although FASA’s recent survey, sponsored by Sanlam, shows that entrepreneurs with new franchise concepts grew from 843 to 865 and opening 3 181 outlets in the past year, the entrepreneurial environment has become more difficult.

Seed Academy undertook the study of more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and found that the key challenges they faced included the inability to raise funds, finding customers, wearing too many hats followed by lack of guidance, slow sales, customers paying late and the unpredictability of business conditions across the country.

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The 5 Basic Rules of Entrepreneurship


There is no reason why young entrepreneurs should feel discouraged from starting their own businesses. By following the five basic rules of entrepreneurship, they can make their journey to business success significantly less challenging.  This is according to Ben Bierman, a managing director at Business Partners Limited and a FASA member.

“While it may be true that young entrepreneurs face many challenges – from financial limitations, to simply not being taken seriously by potential vendors, clients and funders who may not appreciate the value of young entrepreneurs – it is important to emphasise that entrepreneurs are self-reliant by definition. It means that even if conditions are not optimal, a determined entrepreneur should be able to seek and find alternative ways to facilitate the start or growth of their business.”

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9 Year old A+ Student takes 2nd place at the junior mental calculation world championships in Germany

Against stiff international competition, education franchise, A+Students learner Stiaan Scheepers who is only 9 years old achieved a 2nd place at the Junior Mental Calculation World Championship which took place in Bielefeld, Germany on Monday 24th September 2018.

Chairlady and founder of A+Students was the first to congratulate Stiaan on his momentous achievement only minutes after he received his award saying “You have done me proud, you have done A+Students proud and you have done your country proud but most of all you have done yourself proud – well done young man!”

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Calling all Franchisees


The success of franchising is largely due to the handful of franchisors, who, almost forty years ago, got together to formalise the business format of franchising along international ethical standards and laid the foundation for what is today the Franchise Association of South Africa. Today the franchise sector boasts around 865 business systems, 45 011 franchisees with an estimated turnover of R721 billion equivalent to 15,7% of the total South Africa GDP. Now that’s something to be proud of!

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