Don’t let lack of funding stop you achieving your dreams

funding solutions

You can be like Zamile, owner of a well-known restaurant in Kuruman, in the Northern Cape. He was paying close to R5,000 a week to rent a sound and lighting system. Fundrr assisted him in purchasing his own brand-new system, he paid this off after just 6 months and now he owns his equipment, and as a result, no longer has cash flow issues and he is saving +-R220,000 per annum.

Small businesses are the heart and soul of the South African economy. It is estimated that of the 2.8 million SMEs,  small businesses employ over 60% of the local workforce, contribute 35% towards the GDP and collectively have an annual turnover of R727 billion. Unfortunately, according to the NCRs, most small businesses do not last more than 2 years due to inability to access finance. Capital adequacy regulations force banks to lend against fixed assets rather than to lend to businesses. Initially this seems prudent, but eventually this leads to lower economic growth and higher credit risk.

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Establishing your advantage in the marketplace with your Intellectual Property


The core value and most important asset in your business is your Intellectual Property (IP). As we have seen recently in high profile cases involving Ubuntu Baba and Vodacom Call-me, protecting your intellectual property is at the heart of your business.

It weaves through everything in your business: the way you appear to your customer, the way the customer experiences your product, the way the customer feels about you – and how you communicate your business to customers in a consistent and recognisable way. It is the vehicle which identifies and promotes your brand.

Your IP consists of your logo, designs, colours, trade secrets, etc; it represents the way you uniquely niche your product or service in the market in a communicative style that is registered solely as yours, and which cannot be used by any other person or business. Intellectual Property is the way you have imagined your business and expressed this materially in design and labelling. Once legally registered it cannot be copied – and this gives you your key advantage over competitors.

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Who’s taking over those empty spaces in shopping malls?

shopping malls

Picture yourself doing yoga in a store space in your local shopping mall or even attending lectures at a private college that has just taken over the space once occupied by a shuttered department store?

That’s what’s happening in the USA, according to an article in the IFA Franchise Brief newsletter.  Residents in Middletown, N.Y., might have lost one of the 80 Sears department stores that closed in recent years, but in its place is Gold’s Gym, capitalising on the vast amount of space where they can operate a full-amenity fitness club offering perks like group fitness classes, smoothie bars and saunas – making it a destination for existing and future clients.

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The Swinging 60’s – The decade when South African’s developed a taste for franchising


South Africa’s franchise industry started roughly a decade after it exploded onto the American scene and this is where the South African franchise story starts. Those early entrepreneurs who studied the American model and brought the concept to our shores recognised that the unique quality of this new business model lay in the fact that for the first time the franchise contained a complete business management package. This proved to be the catalyst for franchising’s growth as expansion could be achieved quickly, without control of the brand being lost.

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