A Salute to the Success of Franchising


As we celebrate FASA’s 40th Anniversary this year, it is appropriate to reflect on the phenomenal success of franchising as a business model since its inception – both in its country of origin, the USA and to those who helped build franchising into the powerful force that it is today in South Africa. Over the coming weeks we will run a decade-by-decade overview of the success of franchising in South Africa in the FASA newsflashes to whet your appetite on this incredible business system.

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MULTISERV – A Pioneer in the Personal Services Sector

With a pedigree going back to 1969, Multiserv is one of South Africa’s earliest businesses in the personal services sector with their Shoe Repair, Key Cutting, shoe/leather care products, Self-hire carpet cleaning and apparel services, having originally launched under the store name of Cuthbert’s – a well-known chain of shoe stores at the time.

Owned by Amrel, Multiserv, between 1981 and until 1996, had over 300 outlets, with most OK Bazaars stores having Multiserv inside as a service counter – a result of OK Bazaars being part of SAB. When OK Bazaars was purchased from SAB by Shoprite/Checkers in 1985, resulting in Multiserv being given 6 months to remove all 145 stores, management orchestrated a buy-out and the business was developed into a successful franchise brand. At a time when the franchise focus was primarily on fast food and restaurant concepts, Multiserv was ideally suited to franchising as it was a well-established brand name and was the largest Shoe Repair and Key Cutting operation in South Africa.

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How the minimum wage will affect you and your business


Whether you run a business and employ staff or even use the services of a domestic worker or gardener, you need to adhere to the provisions of the National Minimum Wage Act (NMWA) which came into effect on 1 January 2019. Every worker is entitled to payment of a wage not less than the national minimum wage and employers will be obligated to pay workers this wage, which cannot be waived and overrides contrary provision in a contract, collective agreement, sectoral determination or law.

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Franchising must stay ahead of the game


Electioneering in 2019 is sure to take up much focus and energy and while I understand that elections come around every 4 years, I wish we could do without them purely based on the fact that if we had to channel all the election energy and marketing spend into promoting small business we would have a very different economy. So I think for the first few months of next year, business owners and consumers’ attention may be elsewhere!

While many articles in the press deal with AI and robotics and how these developments may impact on business in the future, some say it has been happening for years and is nothing new. However, I believe the influence and impact of technological advances and developments in the way business is being done is going to impact business more and more as time goes by. These developments will have a direct correlation to manpower deployment and scheduling in business as well as stock management, site location, marketing and many other areas of business.

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FASA Celebrates 40 Years representing the franchise phenomenon in South Africa

As the Franchise Association of South Africa prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year as the oldest internationally recognised Franchise Association on the continent, South Africa can be proud to hold the torch for franchising in Africa.

When entrepreneurs like George Halamandaris, in the early 1960’s, observed the emergence of steakhouse and burger concepts in the US with keen interest and decided that South Africa was ready for something along those lines, franchising was born with the likes of Steers, Burger Ranch, Spur and Milky Lane. Today, nearly sixty years later franchising contributes 15,7 % to GDP (R721 billion estimated turnover) and is bigger than key sectors such as agriculture, mining and manufacturing.

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