A franchise that stayed afloat providing safe drinking water to its customers


During lockdown level 5 and 4, H2O | BWT was listed as an essential service which permitted franchisees to stay open supplying much-needed drinking water.  But like most businesses, sales figures took strain due to lockdown regulations resulting in decreased foot traffic. On a positive note, the brand worked hard to increase awareness around the importance of good water quality, stimulating demand in the Home and Office sector. Focus was placed on the online store as well as a more innovative approach to their loyal water customers, from advice all the way through to home deliveries. The company ensured that they could be of service to their consumers while they remained safely at home.

While the pandemic certainly impacted all industries differently, H2O| BWT holds a diverse position in the market; offering products and services to all industries. They have adapted to the new normal and present a versatile approach to their clients. It has allowed streamlining of online sales, optimization of stock management and subsequently better management on lead times. Lastly, it has paved the way for providing a better overall customer experience, something H2O | BWT strives to achieve daily.

When it comes to growth during these trying times, they were in the negotiation process with two potential franchises when the National Lockdown happened. Shortly after the lockdown levels were relaxed, H2O | BWT opened a store in Potchefstroom and one in Pietermaritzburg. Thanks to the priceless ongoing support and assistance the franchisor gave to the franchisees, all existing stores stayed in business during and after the Lockdown.

Impressively, all of the stores remained open and many even maintained consistent sales. Over and above that, it allowed the franchisees time to review and be ready to service opportunities given by this constant market change. They all began to tap into a more innovative space while remaining agile and adapting to the changes.


H2O International is more than just a company, it is a community where staff all work together to reach their goals. The growth in awareness and demand regarding water quality and supply pushes them to be the company that caters for customer needs. The support from the Johannesburg and Cape Town offices offered to the franchises was (and remains) impeccable. The service given to their customers exceeded expectations. Lastly, the phenomenal range of products they could offer to suit the myriad of individual customer needs.

H2O | BWT are currently on the lookout for a new franchisee in the Springs Area. Whether you’re looking for an exciting new business opportunity or the freedom of self-employment, joining the H2O | BWT family means that you:

  • Will get a headstart by plugging into a well-established company and support system.
  • Won’t have to go the start-up business route alone.
  • Can join a Franchisee family with great team spirit.
  • Will be a part of a professional winning team without the usual start-up risks, aches and pains.
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