FASA Virtual Networking Event


Join FASA at the next networking event where the goal is to help you build brand visibility for yourself  and/or your business.  It’s about being top of mind so that when someone decides they want what you have to offer they choose you and not someone else.  This is your opportunity to network, connect and share.

This online virtual networking event is for franchisors, entrepreneurs, business owners, aspiring franchisees and people looking to get into the franchise sector.  From start-ups to growing businesses to people who are looking for business opportunities.


9th April
Agenda for the day
9:00 to 11h30

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9:00 to 9:20 - Speed Networking9:20 to 9:30 - The benefits of networking in the context of the Cash Converters business model9:30 to 10:00 - Disclosure Documents and Tips for Franchisors - D'Amico Attorneys10:00 to 10:30 - More speed networking10:30 to 10:45 - Why choose Cash Converters if you are considering franchising10:45 to 11:00 - 99% Theft Happens on the Inside - Cam Era11:00 to 11:30 - Quiz Challenge


Attendees get to introduce themselves and share something that is on their mind or related to their business.  If you do not get an opportunity to introduce yourself you will be able to later on in the morning.

Come prepared starting with your USP  what you do and what you are working on followed by one of the questions we will ask you on the day.


Networking has many benefits; Cash Converters realises the power of this tool and actively uses networking to build both the brand’s profile and the perception of the overall industry within which we operate. Richard Mukheibir will touch on the how and why of networking for the Cash Converters brand. 


The Disclosure Document is one of the key elements of a Franchisor’s franchise documentation requirements, and the legal requirements for a Disclosure Document are set out in Regulation 3 to the CPA, while FASA has supplemented these requirements for its members, in line with its Ethical Franchising requirements.

The intent of a Disclosure Document is to provide a prospective franchisee with a realistic and honest view of the business opportunity being offered by the Franchisor  click here

Presented by Maria D’Amico and Sandra Copeland of D’Amico Attorneys, details coming soon.



Brand visibility opportunity.  Ask questions and those who did not have a chance to introduce themselves will be able to do so in this time slot.

Come prepared starting with your USP  what you do and what you are working on followed by one of the questions we will ask you on the day.



In this Member Franchise Feature slot, Nicole Gundelfinger will unpack the Cash Converter’s “three in one” business model in order to highlight the resilience of this model, and the opportunities into the post-Covid world.


The Franchise Feature Slot gives members of the Association 15 mins to share a tip that could be useful in your business.

In this 15 min slot Bill Sandham being in the business of security will share with us his experience on how to spot theft and what you can do to reduce theft from happening in your store.

Be in with a chance to win in our Quiz game challenge.  The Quiz will ask you questions about the topics discussed on the day.  It is recommended to play via laptop/PC.  If you can only play via mobile you may have to re enter the Zoom room once you’ve completed the game.

1st Prize – R1,500
2nd Prize – R1,000
3rd Prize – R500

Prize Sponsors Cash Converters and rules checked by Garth Kallis, Fairbridges, Wertheim Becker
Rules of the Game



Free for FASA members, their franchisees and staff 
R50 for non-members
Please note:  Agenda details could change without notice

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