5 Tips to standing out at Trade Show Expo’s

A trade show like the Franchise Expo can be very profitable, or it can be a waste of time and money if you don’t plan well for it and make sure you make it work on both a sales and marketing platform.  Here are some tips to make sure you get a clear return on your investment.

  • Project clarity.  Your stand should be well-lit and your signage should be clear. Presenting your business clearly and in an inviting way will draw people.
  • Exude professionalism. Everyone on your team should be dressed professionally and in a way that makes them instantly identifiable as part of your team. A friendly atmosphere is a must, and all your team members must show enthusiasm and engage with the public.
  • Give away something fun. Promotional items don’t have to be expensive, but strive to make them memorable. A ball-point pen, for example, may not stand out as much as an interactive puzzle. Of course, they should always be prominently branded with your company name and logo. Handing out a goody bag with company information is even better.
  • Run a prize competition. Plan a raffle and have people fill out an entry form. Give away something of value, and they will come back to see if they won. Additionally, you will have information with which to build a database for follow-up.
  • Capture visitors’ details. Even a casual enquiry could turn into a prospective franchise sale.  Take down contact details of everyone that visits your stand and with social media at your fingertips, send them a message after their visit to say how great it was to meet them; follow that up with an email after the show with additional information on your product or service or an invitation for a follow up meeting.
  • Use the Expo to build your brand.  Have a hand-out of where all your stores are situated and any special your might be running.  Even if they don’t buy a franchise they can still become customers of the brand.

Trade shows and Expo’s are a great way to promote your business. Meeting new people is fun, and getting your name out to people who have never heard of you is vitally important when you are growing your business. Put in a little bit of focused effort, and your trade show experience is sure to be enjoyable and profitable.
Visit www.ife.co.za for information on our next Franchise Expo. To book a stand contact Martha Mashele at martha.mashele@fasa.co.za