Company Name
Chicken Stop
Fast Food and Restaurants
011 267 2900 or 011 032 5700
086 616 3393
Contact Person
Salim Shermohammed
Postal Address
P.O Box 68676
Chicken Stop offers potential franchisees an exciting opportunity to join the Chicken Stop team of Quick service restaurants. As the first QRS in South Africa to list flame-grilled smokey chicken served with pap and gravy as a primary meal which is firm favourite for many South Africans - We offer a high qulality product in a sleek environment.
NBDoA commissioned Pan-African chefs and food technologists to develop a signature flame-grilled chicken and signature Smokey sauces exclusively for Chicken Stop. After 2 years of research and development, the end product is unique and delectable, smoky flavoured, flamed-grilled chicken which we serve with pap & gravy (Corn Meal, South African favored starch) and other starch options as our primary meal offering – which happens to be a firm favourite for many South Africans! Our 30 years of QSR experience and understanding of required food supply chain processes enabled us to select quality products and supplying partners, who could cater to our propriety specifications of special chicken-cut and preparation process. Net result, juicy, moist, succulent and simply delicious flame grilled chicken.
Loyalty Progamme: With the red customer Loyalty Card you can get 5% cash back on the meal that you have bought. Simply give the Customer Service Representative (CSR) your and after you’ve placed an order and the CSR will swipe your card and 5% of your net purchase will be added to your Customer Loyalty Card as a reward for being our loyal customer. Therefore the next time you purchase something from the Chicken Shop you can use your Customer Loyalty Card to pay a portion of your bill and settle the outstanding amount or you can continue gaining the 5% each time you make a purchase and when you have reached a large sum of one, you can use the Customer Loyalty Card to pay for your entire meal.
Chicken Stop is a pioneering and innovative brand developed by National Brands Development of Africa (PTY) Ltd (NBDoA), which is a division of global company based in the USA. NBDoA’s vision is to create the highest quality foods delivered with world- class service in a vibrant environment but make it accessible to all segments of the population in the countries where we operate.
In this quest, NBDoA discovered a gap in the South African food service market. While there are many choices for chicken in South African, we believe our unique best flame grilled chicken with Excellent Service, Exceptional Value in an Excellent environment is unparallel. 3 Weeks including Operations, Customer Service, Financial Management, Health & Safety, Systems and Reporting.
Investment required: Upfront fee R150,000.00, Approximate establishment cost R1,300,000.00, Recommended working capital R250,000.00, Total investment R1,700,000.00, Franchisee’s minimum own cash (before loan) R750, 000.00
Membership #
F14/ 0705